Dark Romance Books: Two Souls Connected by Raven Ferrari

By jamila | Dark Romance Books

Mar 16

TWOSOULSCONNECTED3.jpgThis book is unusual for Raven Ferrari's usual style, but one of her outstanding dark romance books none the less. Inspired by Creole culture of Louisiana, Two Souls Connected tells the story of a religious white man named Bellamy and the "magical" black woman named Zariah who he encounters during a missionary trip to the deep south. If you love romantic stories, this is one of Raven's beautiful romance novels that is guaranteed to keep you turning the page until the very end.

Arguably, this was one of the best contemporary romance novels with pregnancy woven intricately into the plot…

Continue reading the description below as well as the excerpt previewing one of the most delightful BWWM books!


What Happens To Your Soulmate After They Die?

* Do they wait for you in Heaven?
* Do they move on, drifting off into eternity?
* Can you ever see them again?

… That's exactly what Bellamy wants to know. He's a heartbroken white man who is driven wild with grief over the death of his wife. Bellamy just can't seem to get over his terrible loss. He buries his sorrows in the gym, and transforms himself into a living, breathing demigod, but even that doesn't manage to heal with wound in his heart.

Fed up, he joins a group of Christian missionaries and goes on a quest to make contact with his beloved wife. Little does he know that his fellow missionaries have sinister plans…

When Bellamy and the missionaries arrive in the Louisiana town of Jumby, they quickly find out that this creole community is filled with voodoo and black magic. They arrive just in time to meet Zariah — the most controversial women in town.

Zariah is a sexy black woman with a bizarre story. According to the superstitious townspeople of Jumby, she's a witch who's prophesied to give birth to an antichrist child. Needless to say, she's not popular. In fact, she's as lonely as they come…

Zariah is looking for her Prince Charming, but she's suspicious of Bellamy and the white outsiders. Bellamy, on the other hand, is too focused on his quest to find his wife to see the truth hiding in plain sight. Both he and Zariah feel an intense spiritual connection, and no matter how hard they try to ignore their growing feelings, they can't stop themselves from falling madly in love with each other.

What's more, Bellamy's spiritual quest and Zariah's foretold prophecy might just be the key to saving the world… or destroying it.

Will Bellamy reconnect with his wife, or will he abandon his quest for his new love, Zariah?

Will the prophecy come to pass?

Dark Romance Book Excerpt: Two Souls Connected



On the first night he and Linda had made love, Bellamy made a sobering realization. He compared her to every lover he’d ever had before. Then he went on to think of every woman that he’d ever dreamed of having sex with. No woman, imagined or real, could have compared to Linda on that first night.


Back in those days, Bellamy was a barely old enough to buy a beer but he was already a man of religion. Mostly, anyway… Perhaps Bellamy was taking a night off from church that night, because with Linda spread eagle in the back seat of his car and  he definitely wasn’t following the lessons of The Good Book. It was all the same because Bellamy realized that his pastor was wrong. Pure bliss could most definitely be obtained from flesh…


Who is this girl, and how is she laying down this Mary Magdalene pussy? Bellamy thought. He had no idea that he was having sex with his soulmate for the first time, however, in his mind Linda was already more amazing than all the dreamgirls, the friends with benefits, the fuck buddies, the one night stands, the heart breaks, the rebounds, and the booty calls that he’d ever encountered in his life.


Bellamy could still remember Linda screaming for ecstasy, for life, for God Himself. He could remember his juices filling to the brim  –– all the way to the point of overflow. He remembered his cock gagging and his sphincter contracting. He remembered feeling like he was about to explode. And of course, he remembered, having, to, get, his, cock, out, of, her, pussy, as, soon, as, p,o,s,s,i,b,l,e,…


When he pulled out, he could practically hear crowds cheering in his ears because it was just in time. He came all over Linda. The semen was hot and white, and plopped in uniformed blotches on her belly, gee and pussy lips. His cock also had its fair share of semen and pussy juice slathered on his shaft and balls.


Fifty eight seconds before, those same juices felt scandalously skanky on his skin, but the cum on his balls were starting to get cold. Bellamy had felt jealous because Linda had something to wipe the slimy goop off of her punani. She used her panties. This meant that her girl bits would be nice, warm and cozy for the whole rest of the drive home, but his balls and shaft would get frostbite. In either case, all of Bellamy’s thoughts in that moment had been enraptured in euphoria for so long that he forgot to breathe. He broke the largest sigh of his life. The air dashed toward every surface and crashed like a wave on stormy seas…


"Wow!" He said.


Bellamy’s orgasmic stupor was obvious, but just so Linda could get her ego stroked a little more, she made him spell it out…


"You serious?" she asked.


"Yes!" Bellamy said, while contemplating his life and the very existence of the universe. "That was amazing!"  


Bellamy and Linda got married in a hurry after that. Given their deep chemistry and connection was an easy decision to make, plus, Bellamy wanted to ‘make an honest woman’ out of Linda so that his congregation would stop giving him funny looks for being a ‘fornicator’. Bellamy would go back to that memory of his first night with Linda many times. By the time she died, it had been burned into Bellamy’s memory.


Yeah. About six years after they first met, Linda and her unborn child died from a terrible car accident. Bellamy’s life was turned upside down and as a result. One day, he was the king the world, married to the girl of his dreams.The next, he had lost everything. He would never enjoy such wonderful sex with Linda again. All he had now were fond memories such their first night together.


Bellamy had a nervous breakdown on the day of the crash. Bellamy laid on the floor of his garage for hours. He was completely shell shocked. The bottle of whiskey that he was nursing was almost three quarters empty. Just about all Bellamy could do was roll on the hard concrete floor and cry. In between his sobs and wails, Bellamy would see just two words over and over again.


“I’m sorry…”  he said. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…”


Over and over he went. Bellamy continued with his grief stricken incantations. Bellamy had been trying to hold it together the whole day, but the reality of the whole thing hadn’t really sunk until he collapsed on the floor of his garage. While he was in the hospital, Bellamy desperately held onto the hope that his wife would survive. He told himself that she would be fine. He called his pastor and had his entire congregation praying for her. There were was even an emergency candlelight vigil.


Bellamy himself prayed in the hospital waiting room like a wild man. On his knees, he begged God to save his wife. He pleaded, bargained, and grovelled with all of his might. When things turn for the worst, Bellamy begged God to take him instead. In his mind, it was a sweet deal. He was a young, able-bodied soldier of God. His soul could be used for anything that God might deem appropriate. Bellamy would have gladly taken on an eternal indentured servitude to save his wife’s life.


Even though Bellamy had read the story of Job in the Bible a thousand times, he never expected his life to turn out that way in one fell swoop. He was about to lose everything — his wife, his child and his entire desire to live — and he was unable to bare such a cruel fate.  When the doctors approached him and told him that Linda’s condition wasn’t getting any better, Bellamy bargained with God again, except he dropped his offer…


“Just save the baby.” Bellamy prayed. “Linda and I will happily offer ourselves to you in exchange. Is that not a fair deal?”


Apparently not. Even with all of the medical support and prayers, Linda’s condition only got worse. Fearing the worst, the doctors allowed Bellamy to come in and see her one last time.  Bellamy bent over his unconscious wife and whispered to her that everything would be okay. He didn’t believe himself, but he preferred to hear his own lies than to acknowledge the terrible truth. Bellamy studied his wife’s face for any signs of life. Nothing. It was hard to accept Linda’s comatose state when she previously been so filled jovial energy.


As a couple, Bellamy and Linda were inseparable. They had a unique way of expressing the deepest depth of their love to each other. They would stare into each other’s eyes deeply as if they were staring into each other’s souls. Sometimes, they would carry on like this for minutes… sometimes close to an hour. For them, it was a soothing meditative practice. When Bellamy looked into Linda’s green eyes, he could see everything. His senses had grown so sharp, that he would instantly know if Linda was hiding something, or feeling sad or depressed. Indeed, both Linda and Bellamy felt like they were looking into each other’s souls. There was nothing that one could hide from the other ones they had locked eyes. It was the ultimate expression of their love.


When Bellamy got called into the hospital room to say his goodbyes to his wife, he did so by looking into her beautiful emerald green eyes one last time. He gently pulled her eyelids back stared into them for signs of life. Linda’s body might have been all but dead, but looking into her eyes, Bellamy could sense beautiful her life force while it was still there. During his ritual, Linda’s vitals had declined so the doctors reemerged. The doctors didn’t really try to revive her, because they knew full well that she was on the verge of death. That’s why they left Bellamy to his own devices while they gave her epinephrine and adrenaline shots. At some point during that whole process, Linda died. Bellamy was looking directly into his wife’s eyes when she passed away. He didn’t need the doctors to tell him what had happened. He saw Linda’s life force fading away before his very eyes. In an instant, Bellamy could feel the soulful connection that he had to his wife disappear.


The doctors jumped into an emergency C-section to save the baby, at which point, Bellamy left the hospital room in gloomy daze. Everything got a little blurry after that. Bellamy couldn’t tell you how he got home or what had happened between the time of his wife’s death and his bender on the garage floor. For hours, he lay sprawled on his cement garage floor, downing liquor and crying gut wrenching tears. In addition to his overwhelming grief, a seed had been planted in Bellamy’s mind and it was beginning to take root. Why did he, a God-fearing Christian, deserve something like this? Had he not done everything as God had asked? Had he not believed? Had he not lived humbly in Christ’s name? What gave? Did he not beg hard enough? Why had God forsaken him? Bellamy’s immense faith had been punctured and a hemorrhaging wound was forming quickly. He felt bitterness and despair. Thoughts of suicide were already creeping into the back of his mind. Worse of all, Bellamy was now feeling tempted to do the unthinkable. In the face of his wife’s death, he was thinking about turning his back on God and religion forever…


Bellamy flailed around on the garage floor, with only his tears, and whisky, and a puddle of vomit for company. The skin on his face and knees and elbows had been chaffed from the abrasive concrete surface. Hatred and despair continued to grow in his heart. Just before he’d reached the point of no return, a calm came over him. He noticed a dramatic change in the temperature. Depending on your personal beliefs and biases, there are a wide variety of explanations that you might come up with for the coldness. Maybe the air conditioner had kicked in and Bellamy was suddenly getting goosebumps from the cold gust of wind. You might say. This would have made perfect sense except for the fact that there was no air conditioner in Bellamy’s place. In fact, there weren’t even so much as a fan, and the windows were closed shut.


It was now cool enough to wear a sweater, and Bellamy’s hands and lips had turned blue. Bellamy couldn’t be sure if his sensations were real, or if he was hallucinating, or if he had become unhinged from all of his grief. but a bright light appeared before him in the garage. It was just an amorphous light. There were no faces, or people, or visions. All the same, Bellamy felt like Linda’s spirit was near; he felt in his bones that she was telling him something. Bellamy wiped his eyes and runny nose…




There was no response. None that he could hear, anyway. Even in spite of the silence, Bellamy felt a distinct message permeating through his consciousness. It was Linda. Bellamy was now sure of it. What’s more, she was trying to say something. There were no words to her message, only the distinct feeling that his beloved Linda would return. Bellamy didn’t know when or how she would return, but he believed the message and it saved his life. Instead of biting a bullet, or turning his back on his faith for the rest of his life, Bellamy spent the next year in a type of strange limbo. He took a hiatus from church, but he didn’t lose faith altogether. Bring my wife back to me. Bellamy thought. And I’ll give myself up to You for all eternity.


Bellamy kept his little pact with God and quietly vanished from the pews of his congregation. Without God to console him, Bellamy started hitting the gym to fill the void in his heart. Though he had never lifted a dumbbell in his life, the gym turned out to be Bellamy’s best friend. He needed to run away from the tragedy that had befallen his life and the treadmill worked perfectly for that.


The entire area around the treadmill would be covered by puddles of sweat. He didn’t care. Bellamy would keep running even when he was sucking wind and writhing in pain. He would always run until his legs couldn’t carry him anymore. One time, he cranked the treadmill up to level twelve and ran until he tripped on the belt and wiped out onto the floor. The people on the other machines thought he’d broken a leg or something. He didn’t. Bellamy quickly got back onto his feet and kept blazing on. In the weightroom, Bellamy was even more intense. It wasn’t unusual to see Bellamy’s face bloodshot, complete with veins bulging out of his forehead and neck, as he grunted like a savage through each rep.


Pretty soon, Bellamy had become the gym rat that he’d always mocked. He bumped fists with all of the jocks, and he became a regular fixture. He lived out his days one protein shake at a time. He started working out longer and longer. Before long, Bellamy got used to being the last one in the gym every single night. Bellamy was addicted. Working out seemed to get the only thing which helped ease the pain of his wife’s death, although it was a lame consolation prize.


More than a year after Linda’s death, Bellamy hadn’t been on a single date. Even though his body had changed dramatically since that fateful car accident and he looked more like a bodybuilder than the old pasty dweeb that he’d been before, Bellamy was still reluctant to date other women. Ever since he had started working out, Bellamy had gotten a lot of attention from women, however, he didn’t seem to be interested in any of it. He’d once been dragged out to a bar with some of his friends once, and a hot woman walked straight up to him and said, “You look like you’re great in bed. Here’s my number.” Much to the dismay of his buddies, Bellamy tore up the number in front of their faces.


It’s not that Bellamy didn’t desire women; he as lonely as ever. He was only holding out hope that maybe God would do good on his pact. It was a long shot and he knew it. He knew that he couldn’t even mention what he was doing. Had he told any of his buddies that he was secretly hoping for his wife to come back to life, they would have had hip admitted to a psych ward. Bellamy, however, kept remembering the coldness which came to him while he was sprawled on his garage floor on the night of his wife’s death. He felt a deep spiritual certainty that the coldness mean something…


Did he have his doubts? You bet! Bellamy had to acknowledge that his wife had already been dead a year and time was marching on. What’s more, he had to face the fact that maybe his faith wasn’t as strong as he thought. He wrestled with himself. He imagined his wife telling him that he was okay to date whomever he wanted, but Bellamy still clinged to the final shreds of hope that something, somewhere, somehow, would bring Linda back.


Bellamy had been conspicuously missing from church for many months. Understanding his grief, his fellow congregants gave him a couple of months to mourn, then, after some time, they started calling, visiting, and asking about him. When was he going to come back? That was the question that everybody wanted to know. Whenever he was asked, dodged the question because he knew that nobody would possibly understand, not even the devout Christians whom he called his friends. Bellamy was waiting for a miracle to happen. In truth, he knew that he was being a weirdo, but with so much pain and nothing else to keep him going, he was willing to give his instincts shot.


Bellamy had been missing from it for about a year when his pastor paid him a visit. When he begged Bellamy to return to church, Bellamy resisted strongly. The pastor tried several more times, but Bellamy wouldn’t budge. Finally, the pastor tried another approach…


“Bellamy…” the pastor said.”If you will come back to God and let me help God find you.”


Bellamy’s attention was piqued. He listened…


“We are going to be sending a missionary group deep into the heart of Louisiana. There’s a rural village hidden in the swamps that rejects God completely. The place is called Jumby. It’s a small community of blacks who’ve been living there for years, practicing voodoo and worshipping idols. We’re going to try to introduce them to Jesus Christ so they may be saved. Come with us. If those folks down in Louisiana can become believers after living in such a Godless place for so long, then surely you can find God there, too…”


The pastor could see that he was getting through to Bellamy, and he was pleased. To sweeten the pot a little bit more, he added one last plug…


“…and if you if you don’t find God there, then you won’t find him anywhere.”


The pastor’s appeal worked, but not for the reason he thought. At this stage, Bellamy wasn’t interested in finding God for himself. Had he not loved his wife Linda so much, and had he not envisioned her return, Bellamy would have forgotten about is faith long ago. Bellamy reasoned that if he ever hoped to see his wife again, God would help him do it. If he ever hoped to get help from God, then he figured that he should get as close to Him as possible. The pastor swore that he could find God down in Louisiana, so that’s where he went.



In the village of Jumby, there were many superstitious folk tales. For example, people in Jumby went to extreme lengths to dispose of their hair. After a haircut, most people got the trimmings burned. Since hair was a popular ingredient in voodoo curses, they were terrified of getting their hair stolen…


Of all of the superstitious phenomena in Jumby, there was one which most people had learned about from the time they were little. The legend was so popular that everyone simply referred it as ‘The Prophecy’ with no further qualification necessary. It was prophecy which foretold the coming of a child who would bring the end of the world. This child would be born to a mother with emeralds for eyes, and, in most versions of the legend, the mother would ultimately die during labor. Throughout the history of Jumby, The Prophecy was mostly just an old wives tale that people joked about… but everything changed when Zariah was born.


From the day she came into this world. everyone knew Zariah was unusual. For starters, it was clear that she was the most beautiful baby that any of the midwives had ever seen. Zariah had a profoundly sublime aura. Simply holding her in your arms was enough to bring a person to tears. In spite of being of pure African descent, Zariah had emerald green eyes which were impossible to miss. It was said that looking into Zariah’s eyes would cure you from a host of ailments.


Sometimes people told a story about how baby Zariah healed a man was healed from a stroke. After looking into her eyes for a few minutes, it was rumored that the man’s face became paralyzed and he started talking again. There was another story floating around about how baby Zariah saved an old man’s life. The man had been working up the nerve to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Zariah’s mother just happened to be walking across that same bridge, with baby Zariah in a sling. The old man took one passing glance at Zariah and the he instantly changed his mind. He lived another ten years before passing away from natural causes.


As she grew older, Zariah’s intuition became so sharp that it seemed more like telepathy. Nine times out of ten, she could sense when the weather was about to change. When Hurricane Katrina hit, Zariah had  been crying the whole week. She thought that perhaps she was having the world’s worse case of PMS, but she was wrong. She didn’t have her first period for a couple more years…


For Zariah, growing up in Jumby was both a blessing and a curse, so to speak. Some people revered her, and others called her a witch. The controversy around Zariah only grew more heated as she grew older. More and more people took notice of her green eyes, and rumors started flying around. She’s a witch. They would say. She will fulfill The Prophecy. We’re all gonna die! She’s going to kill us all!


Strangely enough, Zariah’s father Ezekiel was the staunchest believer in The Prophecy. Being one of the most powerful witch doctors in Jumby, he believed in some of the most bizarre, esoteric voodoo spells and folktales. The Prophecy was was no exception. He knew all about the old legend of the emerald-eyed woman who would give birth to a demon-baby, and the similarities between his daughter and the emerald-eyed girl were impossible to ignore.


By the time she was a teenager, Ezekiel grew totally convinced that his daughter had been allotted the unfortunate fate of bearing the future destroyer of worlds. He was so devastated that he didn’t leave his quarters for over a week. When he finally emerged, he went on a crusade to prevent his daughter’s impending fate. In order to keep her from fulfilling the prophecy, he cast a spell on the entire town of Jumby which prevented all of the men from having sex with her. For him, it was a difficult decision, but his position was clear: he would do whatever it took to prevent his daughter from fulfilling The Prophecy. If she’s destined to give birth to evil incarnate and die in the process. He reasoned. Then it’s my duty as a father to do everything in my power to prevent that from happening. In Ezekiel’s mind, the only way to guarantee his daughter’s safety would be to prevent her from reproducing. In effect, Ezekiel sentenced his daughter to a life of complete chastity.


Did Ezekiel’s spell work? Was the witch doctor powerful enough to accomplish such a thing? Were his voodoo powers worth a shit in the first place? Were they even real? It’s worth stressing at this point that while everybody in Jumby believed voodoo and witchcraft was real, nobody could prove that Zariah’s father was anything more than a great hypnotist. Any scientist observing would have said that the spell worked because the townsfolk of Jumby believed in Ezekiel’s witch doctor powers.


Whether or not Ezekiel was a fraud or the real McCoy, once word got out about the spell, the men of Jumby stayed clear of Zariah for fear that something bad might happen. Again, it wasn’t nobody could say for sure which was the cause of what, and which was the effect of what. Did boys stay away because of some voodoo spell? Or were they just too superstitious to give Zariah a fair chance?


People joked about what would happen if they messed with Zariah. For a while there, boys rumored that Zariah had been cursed with a shark-toothed vagina. The joke on the streets was that  there had been three men who tried to have sex with Zariah. It happened one day when her father left town. Zariah’s father had commissioned those men to watch for his daughter while he was away.


“Make sure that she is safe…” He said. “And don’t touch her!”


When her father returned the next day, he had the three men standing the line before him.  He told all three of the men to drop their pants. The first man’s penis was missing. Clearly he had gotten frisky with Zariah the night before. The second man’s penis was also missing. He, too, had had sex with Zariah. When he checked the third man’s penis, he found that it was still perfectly intact. Ezekiel was mildly relieved to know that at least one of his hired guns had followed orders, but then he decided to inspect more closely. He opened the man’s mouth and found that he had no tongue! Of course, this was just the smutty joke amongst teenage boys. Zariah had no teeth on her pussy and nobody’s dick had gotten cut off. People had grown so weary of crossing Zariah’s father that this was just an example of the stupid gossip and speculation which only added to her mystery.


Zariah herself hated all of it.  She wished more than anything that she could just be normal. Fuck the legend. Fuck the prophecy. Fuck the voodoo. She didn’t even necessarily believe that any of it was real. In her mind, the best she could say was that it was all one big annoying coincidence. So what if her eyes were green? What did that have to do with anything? Everyone’s eyes need to have a color. So what if people got healed around her? That was just a placebo effect. So what if she could read minds and predict the weather? As far she was concerned, that just came from having a really good eye for detail.


For her whole life, Zariah had always felt as if she were an outsider looking in — like she was the only sane person in the room and she was surrounded by a bunch of lunatics. From Zariah’s perspective, everyone was always droning on about voodoo and spells, but she felt as if she’d been playing a sickeningly elaborate, lifelong game of ‘pretend’ except everyone kind of forgot that it wasn’t real and now they wouldn’t stop playing. Zariah had long wanted to stop playing, but she couldn’t. Now she was trapped. Her life was completely controlled by fairytales that she didn’t even believe.


Zariah hated being someone else’s bullshit prophecy. She was 20 years old and a virgin. She wanted to live a normal life, but in Jumby, that would be impossible. Every time a man was interested in her, her father would freak out and chase him away. Why was he such a paranoid freak? She didn’t know, but she felt as if this was one of the big reasons why her mother had left. Zariah herself sometimes dreamed about moving to some other place. Maybe New York. She thought. However, no matter  how much Zariah hated being lonely, and a virgin, she never left Jumby; not even once. If you asked her why she never left, Zariah probably wouldn’t be able to give you a good answer. This, by the way, was quite unusual for her. She was usually very logical and methodical with other things, however, when it came to her extreme fear of traveling up the river to the ‘white’ towns, she simply wasn’t interested.


The all-black village of Jumby had been a safe haven from racism and discrimination for at least a  generation, and knowing her supremely pro-black history — the version which didn’t pretend that Christopher Columbus was a hero, but a genocidal psychopath, the version which didn’t say that blacks were happy to get ‘civilized’ and be saved from their own ignorance — Zariah simply didn’t want to get a taste.


Zariah wished that she could simply live happily in her home village. She wanted to be free to have sex with whomever she wanted and follow whomever she chose. Zariah would have gladly given up her virginity for the right guy, but the only boys with enough courage to step up to the plate world of daredevils who had something to prove to their mates. Trying to fuck Zariah always turned a game of ‘chicken’. Who could get closest to the edge of the cliff? Who could get closest to fucking Zariah and getting killed by her father? Who had the biggest balls? Who could one-up whom? Needless to say, Zariah became quite depressed when she discovered the elaborate game.


When am I ever going to meet my Prince Charming? She asked, but the question was always met with cold silence. Throughout her teens, Zariah mostly kept her distance from boys and sex. In fact, she didn’t even have her first boyfriend until she was nineteen, and he barely even counted.  


The whole thing started because of Bobby, Zariah’s best friend. He was at juncture in the road and he wasn’t just which road he wanted to take just yet. You see, Bobby wasn’t sure if he was gay, or straight. Up to that point in his life, Bobby had never actually slept with a man, but he was most definitely curious. Meanwhile, Bobby paid almost no attention to the Jumby girls, and they hounded after him. When a girl took an interest in Bobby, he usually had to beat her off with a stick to get rid of her. One girl in particular had had too many drinks and she refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. Bobby ended up putting his foot down with cold-hearted hilarity…


“Listen here,” he asserted. “I wouldn’t care if you lived or died. Go away…”


That did the trick. The girl left with a her tail in between her legs. She vanished into the crowd of partygoers and was never seen again. In spite of his ruthlessness, Bobby was still comically in denial about his disinterest in women…


“Maybe I just haven’t the right one.” He would tell himself.


“Surrre.” Zariah would say.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” He rebuffed, but his tone was just a little bit too faked. Zariah wasn’t fooled but she chose not to put him on the spot directly. There was a line which Zariah wouldn’t cross. She wouldn’t pull someone out of the closet, no matter how strongly she suspected that they were gay, and indeed, Zariah’s suspicions were quite high. Between his lack of interest in women, and his flamboyant mannerisms, Zariah had more than enough evidence to support her suspicions. Beyond that, her instincts knew what Bobby wasn’t yet ready to admit. Given all of the evidence, Zariah had already grown completely convinced that Bobby was gay, and that’s why she was so thrown off guard when one day, her showed up and asked her to be his girlfriend…


“So.” He said. “Whaddya think?”


His question seemed truly random to Zariah, and that was the only way she knew how to respond. For starters, she and Bobby had absolutely zero chemistry together. Secondly, Zariah and Bobby had already been friends for years. They were more like siblings to each other. This was definitely unusual behavior. Third, Zariah sensed that something was wrong…


“Why?” She asked bluntly…


Bobby didn’t confess his feelings for her, but rather, he told her about the guys on the block who were giving him a hard time for not having a girlfriend yet, and he wanted to get them off his back. In other words, Bobby wanted Zariah to be his beard. Bobby didn’t quite admit to being gay outright, but he and Zariah understood each other perfectly. Out of that conversation, Zariah and Bobby cooked up a hairbrained idea: They started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.


Zariah figured that if the guys on the block were hassling Bobby because they thought he was gay, then he could prove to them that he wasn’t. Secondly, Bobby would earn their respect for having the balls to do what no other man dared to do: date Ezekiel’s cursed supposedly daughter. And if Ezekiel ever got worried about Bobby having sex with his daughter, Zariah would always be able to say that the rumors were false, because, after all, Bobby was gay.


There was, however, one final caveat to their crazy plan. In a genius act of double espionage, Bobby and Zariah agreed to date each other for real. Bobby wanted to try to have sex with Zariah to decide, once and for all, if he might enjoy being with women. Zariah agreed to the offer because her fabled Prince Charming didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry and she wanted to see, once and for all, what sex was all about. On their big night, Bobby cock remained as soft as a Twinkie. Zariah tried to be appeasing and get him to relax but nothing worked. After about an hour, he stopped trying…


A month later, Zariah found out she was pregnant. Yes! Pregnant! How that happened is anyone’s best guess. Maybe it was Bobby. She thought. Maybe he had jerked off earlier that night and didn’t wash his hands and there was some sort of “cross-contamination” or something? The idea sounded lame and she knew it. She also knew that Bobby wouldn’t buy it either. To make matters worse, with a baby growing inside of her, Bobby was now in a terrible predicament. He needed to get as far away from Zariah as soon as possible. If he didn’t, he would be the one to be caught with his proverbial hand in the proverbial cookie jar, and there would flesh and blood to pay for his crimes. Ezekiel would make sure of it…


Zariah considered yet a third possibility. Maybe she was pregnant… because she was raped? The thought was almost unthinkable. Who would have done it? Bobby? Some pervert?… Her father? How could this have happened without Zariah knowing about it? Was she drugged? Did she get too drunk one night? Was it one of her daddy’s spells? Zariah couldn’t believe that she had been raped and she couldn’t believe she had been ‘cross-contaminated’ and she couldn’t believe she had been cursed. All the same she was pregnant. Her period had already been on a two-week vacation and that’s what the pregnancy test said, too.


Two more months passed and Zariah’s pregnancy symptoms continued. She had been extremely moody, extremely sensitive to smells, her nipples were tender, and she morning sickness every single day since the whole mess started. Looking for definitive answers, Zariah went to a doctor, who made a startling realization. One look at her privates and the doctor could see that Zariah’s hymen was still in tact. Uh oh… You know what that meant, don’t you? Zariah was still a virgin.


Zariah was so committed to rejecting her father’s nonsense voodoo ways, she actually had to miss her period for two weeks, test positive on a pregnancy test, wait two months, and then get visual confirmation that her hymen was still intact for her to finally consider the possibility that the prophecy might actually been true. If she could go her whole life without sex but still get pregnant, then she had to finally admit the one possibility that she dreaded the most. Maybe it was The Prophecy. She thought.


The pregnancy had so radically changed her views that she even started calling herself a witch. Yeup. Everyone had been calling her one for years, but now she finally accepted the title. If someone annoyed or offended her in any way, she would threaten to place them under a spell to shut them up. Zariah didn’t actually know any spells, however, by either confusion or delusion, she had finally come to her father’s way of thinking.


Had she opened up to the way of voodoo witchcraft earlier, Zariah’s father would have been both humbled and proud, however not this time. Zariah’s old man was devastated. He’d fought to keep his daughter safe ever since the day she was born, but everything that he’d fought so hard to avoid had come to pass anyway. His beloved Zariah was now bearing a Prince of Darkness, which meant the worst possible fate would come. What would he do? What could he do? Zariah’s father’s ‘in case of emergency’ plan was a blank piece of paper, but his revenge plan was outlined in horrific detail.


The sick thing was that Zariah’s dad knew that she was still a virgin. For starters, the doctor who had examined her kept telling the whole of Jumby about it. If that weren’t good enough, he’d been watching Zariah like a hawk for her whole life, and he just knew that she was still his little girl. In either case, Zariah’s father was in denial about her immaculate conception. If she had conceived without sex, then he knew that whatever was growing inside of her belly would be far more powerful than he had previously imagined. Zariah’s father had the terrifying suspicion that her daughter’s baby daddy was not of this world and he shuddered to think what would happen when the baby was finally born. This baby would just grow to think evil thoughts and do evil deeds like a mere mortal. If its father wasn’t human then it would have unlimited power to manifest evil. In other words, Zariah’s baby wouldn’t just grow up to push the big red button that would start World War 3, it could theoretically have the power to perpetrate evil that was beyond science. It literally could start a spiritual holocaust; the actual end of days. The thought disturbed him so much that he opted hide behind a second much simpler narrative: somebody knocked up his daughter!


Some rat bastard had stuck his pecker inside of his sweet little girl, and he would pay. In retaliation for impregnating his daughter. Zariah’s father cast a new spell which made every man in Jumby become violently ill for days. The entire town hunkered down to weather this breakout of illnesses. Men left their work posts empty while the women tended to them. Every man in Jumby came down with some combination of fever, chills, achy bones and joints, vomiting, weakness, no appetite, light sensitivity, diarrhea, crazed visions, dramatic weight loss… and self mutilation. In spite of the terrible symptoms, nobody actually died from the spell. Bobby came down the hardest. His symptoms were so extreme that he was bedridden, and even after the illness had passed, he never got of bed again. Bobby was crippled. Permanently…  

By the time Ezekiel’s revenge spell had befallen the men of Jumby, Zariah had been overwhelmed by all of the implications. Up to this point in her life, all of the ‘miracles’ which she and others had been able to accomplish seemed more like beginner’s luck or sheer coincidence. Now, she had been faced with not one, but two undeniably supernatural occurrences. She was soon to become a virgin mother, and the entire male population of Jumby seemed to have spontaneously fallen terribly ill. Was she convinced enough, yet? Could she still hold onto the idea that perhaps her father was just a skilled hypnotist? How could one man have such a powerful grip on a people’s minds? How could the power of suggestion be so strong?


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