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Mar 17

Romantic Comedy Novels Keeping His BabyRaven Ferrari is best known for her romantic comedy novels and this best seller, Keeping His Baby, was one of the top romance novels in African American Romance, ranking at #13 in the genre. This story is one of Raven's best steamy romance novels due to the electrifying chemistry between her main character Jessica and her attractive love interest Brody. Jessica is an African American up and coming R&B singer. While everyone envies her new celebrity, Jessica feels completely trapped. Her label practically owns her and she sees no chance of escaping…

A plane crash renders her a high profile "missing person" and Jessica is presumed dead…

But she's never felt more alive. After waking up in the Canadian wilderness, Jessica finds herself rescued by a handsome white Canadian named Brody who is good with his hands…

Brody and Jessica immediately hit it off but when Jessica's husband somehow finds her, she's forced to go back to her old life or she'll lose everything.

Despite all of this, Brody is willing to fight for the woman he's fallen in love with, especially after finding out she's pregnant with his child.

Is this a fight Brody will win or will Jessica be trapped in a life she hates forever?

Check out a steamy excerpt from this story below.


Romantic Comedy Novels Excerpt: Keeping His Baby



It's already a well-known fact that the brain has hard-wired responses to certain situations. For example, when Jessica was a little girl, she learned about the Boogeyman. Her version of the Boogeyman wasn't just some scary figure hiding in the closet, because Jessica, like many blacks folks, was surrounded by crime and poverty. Getting mugged or burglarized was a routine event in her neighborhood, so when she learned about the Boogeyman, her fear was part reality, part fantasy. As a child, Jessica lived in a quaint single story bungalow. It was entirely possible for her to wake up in the middle of the night and find some strange son of a bitch trying to crack open a window, so to her, the Boogeyman was quite real.


When Jessica thought about the Boogeyman, not only was she terrified, she got that hard-wired fearful response from the brain. Everything turned grey and slowed down as she saw her life flashing before her eyes. She could see everything unfolding in slow motion, but she was helpless to stop any of it, which of course made things worse. The only thing that wouldn’t slow down, in fact, was Jessica’s racing heartbeat. It would pound like a war drum and drown out all of the noises in the room. Jessica rarely experienced this hard-wired fearful response. In fact, she could count the number of times that she'd experienced it on one hand. Most notably, that fear response came to her many years later when she was flying through northern Canada.


Jessica had just taken on a gig in a little town in northern Canada. She normally wouldn’t have done too many performances so far north, especially for such a skimpy price tag, but she simply couldn’t resist the idea of dogshit in the face of her good-for-nothin’ husband (also her manager) as well as her psychotic producer. As her jet flew thousands of feet in the air, Jessica watched the cold icy tundra of the Canadian wilderness below. An assortment of mixed feelings rumbled around in her heart. You see… Even though Jessica had a bland name, and even though she looked like a relatively bland girl, she was anything but…


Jessica was the world’s latest and greatest singing superstar. Her debut album had just gone platinum, and she had a hit single that been sitting pretty at number one on the charts for weeks. Until recently… But before we get into that, let’s back up for a bit so you understand why Jessica’s song had been knocked down from its number one spot, why Jessica’s husband and producer were so mad about it, and why this was the start of a whole shit-show of events that would ultimately lead to Jessica meeting the love of her life…


A typical day in Jessica's life would involve running through a conveyor belt of beauticians, personal trainers, nutritionists, voice specialists, studio recording sessions, photographers, record label executives, marketing experts and more… And this was before she hit the road to actually go on tour, in which case Jessica would be living out of a tour bus, and going through an entirely different conveyor belt of technicians, lighting specialists, stage rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performing before legions of adoring fans.


Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Actually all the superficial glitz and fame was a big fat stinking lie. Sometimes it’s said that in order to make it big in show business you have to sell your soul to the devil. Jessica had learned the truth of this old maxim the hard way. As she sat on her private chartered jet staring out the window, waiting for her rare, once in a lifetime hard-wired fearful response, she remembered the indignified cost of all of her fame and money…


When she was just picking up in popularity and gaining an underground fanbase, Jessica still glowed with a bright-eyed innocence and zest for life that could inspire anyone she met. In her heart, she believed that success was just around the corner.


She'd say. “Pretty soon I'll be doing a hit single with Drake.”


However, in spite of Jessica’s optimism, she struggled to get signed by a major record label, endured rejection after rejection, and was starting to lose faith in herself. To tell you the truth, Jessica’s faith was the whole problem. Nobody could deny that she was a brilliant singer, however Jessica didn’t want to sing dumb pop songs. She wanted to make her name as a Gospel singer.


In her formative years, Jessica had grown up singing in the choir with her mother. As an adult, she felt compelled to keep on with her effervescent faith and zest for God. Record labels didn’t like that too much. They loved her voice, but they wanted her to cut back on the Jesus lyrics and increase the cheating lyrics. As you might imagine, this didn’t work out so great for Jessica. The few record labels that actually gave Jessica the time of day kept pitching her the most brutal contract agreements. One particularly stinky deal was for six albums and stipulated that she wouldn't see a dime of profits until after the third one. How my going to eat until then? She thought. Jessica was starting to feel like the music business was rigged, and the artist was destined to lose no matter what.


Standing by her side was her ride-or-die husband Kareem. He handled all of the business aspects of her career. However, as Jessica struggled to land a proper deal with a label, Kareem's frustration mounted as well. He kept pressuring Jessica to loosen up on her Gospel singing and to consider adding a little bit of RnB flavor to her songs. As money grew tighter, Kareem’s desperation grew. He and Jessica had been doing great in the underground music scene, but without a record deal, all of their hard work and long nights seemed to be in vain. They were bleeding money, and if they didn't strike gold soon, they would have to pack up and go back home…


So what did he do? After about a year of living on a shoestring budget, Kareem dropped by Jessica’s place — she was still living in her mother’s one story bungalow — with what seemed like the greatest news ever…


“We’ve got a deal! We’ve got a deal!” He said, hugging and spinning her around passionately…


Jessica pealed a scream of elation as she twirled around in the air…


“OhmyGod. OhmyGod.” She said feverishly. “Who is it?”


“You’ll see…” He said, looking at her with a shit-eating grin.


A big name music producer had heard Jessica’s mixtape and taken an interest in her. He was a lot like other big name producers like Dr. Dre and P. Diddy, in that he had worked with many of today's top stars, and he had a ridiculous fucking name. He simply referred to himself in the third person as The Producer. He sat on the throne of Slick Smoke Records, which was a billion-dollar media empire.


This man… he was like the King Midas of music. Anything he touched turned to pure gold, and there he was, walking into Jessica’s pink childhood bedroom to offer her a multi-million-dollar deal. As soon as Jessica saw The Producer’s face, she knew what was about to happen. She had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming… Jessica would sign her name on the dotted lines and within six months, everyone in America would know her name. There was, however, an unexpected hiccup in Jessica's big plan. Soon she would understand the significance of Kareem’s shit-eating grin…


The Producer was wearing a fine silk shirt and tie. He projected a cold ‘business as usual’  vibe. He carried a thin briefcase that presumably held the contract which, when signed, would change Jessica's life forever. But before he would allow her to actually sign, there would be one last formality which he expected from her. Two, actually…


First, Jessica would only have ‘limited access’ to the gospel genre. This meant that she might get to sing a few gospel songs here and there, but there was no fixed agreement as to when and how it would all go down. It was the label’s way of dangling a glimmer of hope over Jessica’s head to shut her up.  If anyone else had proposed the deal to her, Jessica would have torn the contract up, then and there. However, The Producer was no rookie. He had a proven track record of turning people into overnight stars, and Jessica knew that if she could sign to Slick Smoke Records, before long, she would be able to sing as much Gospel music as she wanted.


Second, before Jessica could sign the dotted line, she would be required to perform one simple task: Give The Producer a blowjob. Kareem pitched this final task to her as if it were an initiation ritual at a fraternity.


“Loyalty matters to a guy like The Producer. If you do it,” Kareem said. “It will be proof that you are truly loyal to the label, and he will become forever loyal to you…”


“I can’t believe you would ask me to do this…” She said.


“Look” he said. “This is how the business works. Every star that you've ever worshipped, man or woman, has had to suck a producer's cock to get to where they are today. You’re extremely talented, Jessica. So why do you think you’ve been struggling for so long without a deal, when there are other artists with a fraction of your talent who are making millions? It’s because they were willing to do what they had to do to get their foot in the door of this industry…”


Jessica was still unconvinced so The Producer finally stepped in to speak for himself. He sounded like a slick used car salesman…


“Jessy, baby, believe me, I’ve seen a lot of Rihannas wearing Walmart aprons to know how this game works. You'll never have a more important ten minutes of your life. If you’re smart, that is. If not, you'll spend a long, long time spinning your wheels, eating ramen noodles, and taking shits out of gas station bathrooms until you burn out. So, what do you say? Your husband and I have already have made the arrangements. Just sleep on it for a night, and I'm sure you'll make the right decision in the morning.”


Jessica darted a look at Kareem which said it all. Is this for real? Did you really do this behind my back? How could you? Is this the price of our marriage? Do you even really love me? Can you feel the pain in my heart?


Kareem leaned forward to console his wife. He tenderly placed his hand on her shoulder and looked at her with puppy dog eyes. His look seemed to say, “It's okay. I'll turn a blind eye to this one. This is just too important.”  Jessica wanted to believe that Kareem was being sincere, but she couldn't shake the feeling that he was putting on a world class act.


Jessica gave her husband one last pleading look…  


“Honey, I can't do this,” she said telepathically. “Please don’t make me do this.”


Kareem's face grew cold, and his eyes turned black. The weight of his hand resting on her shoulders suddenly became heavy. Jessica was having the sobering realization that maybe Kareem wasn't asking for her to step outside of their marriage, but ordering her to. In that instance, Jessica finally saw the truth. Kareem was relating to her not as a husband, but as a cold, calculating opportunist. Kareem had dutifully stood by Jessica this whole time, not because he loved her, but because he recognized that he’d been sitting on a goldmine. Now the time had come. Kareem had nurtured his investment for long enough, and now it was time for it to bear fruit.


“Jessica will let you know in the morning…” Kareem said, however his admonishing tone suggested that Jessica’s opinion would be completely ignored over the next 24 hours. With that last threat, Kareem, Jessica, and The Producer adjourned their meeting.


The Producer didn’t hear back from Jessica for three days. During that time, neither she nor Kareem had set foot outside of her mom’s house, where they were both staying. There was a lot of yelling and smashing coming out of Jessica’s bedroom, but whenever Jessica’s mom knocked on their door to ask what was happening, Jessica always shooed her away and kept her out of it. In the end, Kareem managed to convince Jessica to do the deed.


“She’s ready,” he told The Producer over the phone…  


Shortly after that call, they arranged a time and place, and Kareem delivered his wife to The Producer on a silver platter. Jessica wasn't the same after that night. Fame came shortly afterward but she didn't enjoy a lick of it. She was a shell-shocked ghost of her former self. There was no more enthusiastic shiny glint in her eye. She was an object — a machine to be used and abused. She carried the grey grimace of a prostitute, because, well, that's what she felt like. What’s more, Jessica’s shady dealings with The Producer were only scratching the surface…


Once Jessica signed the contract, Gospel singing went completely out the window. She was totally controlled in every way imaginable. Now she was legally obligated to sing whatever lyrics were put on her desk. And some of those lyrics… were terrible. Take her most recent hit, for example. Let's see how you like some of the lyrics from Last Night's Glory:


Baby, baby, maybe we’re going too fast.

You started going down, but I didn’t even ask.

And I was shocked, shocked, boy if only I was waxed.

Cuz baby, lick my ass, you can get up in my crack…


It was official. Jessica hated everything about her life in show business. She didn't even have the control to sing the songs that she loved most. Before she was famous, she thought that she would gain power and influence and freedom with her new record deal. Nothing could be further from the truth. The worst part about it was, Jessica's adoring fans loved with her music. She sang about ass licking and they ate it all up, so to speak.


Sometime Jessica wondered what the people would think if she wrote some of her own original lyrics. Would people still buy her records if she sang about God? What about true love? Would they show up to her shows if she spoke from the heart? To Jessica, the fact that she was forced to sacrifice every strand of her creative process killed her inside. It was just another way that show business turned out to be a huge disappointment…

Within a few months of her record deal, Jessica was touring around the world. The arrangement suited her perfectly, because she wanted to be as far away from Kareem and The Producer as possible. When she travelled to remote places in the middle of butt fuck nowhere, this was the only time she could be sure that she wouldn’t have to submit to their sexual appetites. Which brings us back to Jessica’s mid-air flight over Canada.

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