Dark Romance Books: Choosing The Daddy

By jamila | Dark Romance Books

Mar 22

Dark Romance Books - Choosing The Daddy Choosing the Daddy is one of Jamila Jasper's dark romance books that explores the life of a woman who has to choose between two men. As far as Jamila's best steamy romance novels go, this one will pull you along to the very end. One of Jamila's more heartbreaking romance novels, you'll get to see the multitude of tests women are capable of enduring…

Imani Noble, a curvy black woman, and Sawyer Noble, a wealthy white man, are married but their marriage is on the rocks due to the recent news about Sawyer's infertility.

Sawyer is opposed to adoption and comes up with a daring, taboo idea for a way that he can have a child with his wife. Sawyer's best friend Damien is brought into the picture for a "one time thing" that will hopefully be the key to saving their marriage.

This one time experience leads to a pregnancy, but Sawyer and Imani's marriage is put to the test in more ways than one. A baby on the way, a car accident, a Caribbean affair and a tragic death all put Imani's ability to love and be loved to the test.

Imani is forced to decide whether or not she'll make big changes for a chance at happiness or whether she'll stay in her safe, boring world.

What's worse, Imani's decisions may not be up to her at all. The cards are stacked against her and Imani must decide whether she'll be a victim or a survivor.

Is love really as complicated as we make it?

Dark Romance Books Excerpt: Choosing The Daddy


Chapter 1


Imani Noble’s primary goal in life was to fix her marriage and have a baby. She already had everything else locked down and perfect. Ever since marrying Sawyer, she didn’t have to worry about a career, friends or anything. Money was no object to her powerful husband and Imani was a charming woman who had no trouble attracting friends. Everyone she knew thought that she had the perfect life. She was young, wed to an attractive, wealthy and older man. Sawyer was the most desired man in town but he only had eyes for Imani Mohammed. It didn’t take long for him to turn her into Imani noble. So many women Imani’s age complained about the dating scene and whined about how difficult it was to find a man who wanted to settle down. Imani didn’t have that problem.


It wasn’t just because her husband Sawyer was wealthy and suave. Her husband Sawyer was a vision to behold. He was often mistaken for a famous actor every time he took Imani down to New York City. Sawyer was tall with broad muscles and dirty blond hair. He had a square face shape with a jutting, angular jaw. He had the sexiest plump pink lips and bright ocean blue eyes that seemed to change with his mood, turning a deep steel grey when Sawyer was stressed about work or upset. Imani would find herself captivated by Sawyer’s eyes when he was doing something innocuous like talking on the phone or serving during doubles tennis. Sawyer’s skin was a deep tanned color from all the time he spent outdoors. He spent most of his days when he wasn’t working playing golf or tennis. Recently, he’d taken up weight lifting and the change in his musculature was becoming more visible every day.


Does he feel like less of a man? Is that why he’s been throwing himself into athletics? Imani wondered. But she didn’t dare bring up the taboo subject of Sawyer’s manhood. Sawyer had been trying to get Imani pregnant for three years. When everything they tried seemed to fail, they’d consulted the best doctors to figure out what was wrong. Imani was convinced that she wasn’t fertile; she used to be a smoker as a teenager and she was convinced her bad habit was resurfacing to bite her in the ass. When the Nobles received the news that Sawyer was the impotent one, their relationship hit a major snag. Sawyer beat himself up endlessly… He spent long nights crying and apologizing to Imani for not being able to give her a child. After all, Imani had given up her youth, religion, family and her career to join Sawyer on his quest to live a cookie cutter life.


Imani Noble nee Mohammed was a dark skinned, grey-eyed child to black Muslim parents. She grew up in a household that fasted during Ramadan and prayed five times a day. “Devout” didn’t begin to describe her parents. Her parents had converted after receiving engineering degrees together. They raised their children in the most devout manner. Imani didn’t have many childhood pictures where she wasn’t donning a hijab.


Back then, they had lived in New York City, in a diverse part of Brooklyn. After 9/11, it had been too dangerous for black Muslims in the city. Her family moved further north to a more low profile New England town. Even if the town was whiter, they were at least safer there than they were on the streets of the city. After all that they had been through, Imani’s parents were distraught when she converted to Christianity for her white WASP husband. They didn’t trust Sawyer. They didn’t trust his intentions. They couldn’t see why Imani would leave her community behind to get married to a white man.


“If it’s white, don’t trust it,” Imani’s father used to say. Imani finally convinced her parents to accept Sawyer, but her relationship with her parents was tenuous at best. Her parents were at least thrilled that their daughter would give them grandchildren. But now, that seemed unlikely. Imani would be back at square one with them if they ever found out that her husband wasn’t just white, he was impotent too.


Imani sat on their king sized bed as Sawyer paced around the room. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing him say.


“You must be crazy,” Imani blurted out. Unfortunately, Imani didn’t think her husband was joking about what he’d just suggested.


Sawyer kept pacing and pushing his blond hair out of his face.


“Babe… I’m not crazy. We want a baby. This is a way we can get a baby and it’s not just adopting some random kid who could have like… schizophrenia or some shit!” Sawyer said.


Imani pursed her lips. Was Sawyer really that opposed to adoption? Would he go this far?


Imani continued, “I just don’t see why we can’t adopt.”


“WE JUST CAN’T OKAY!” Sawyer yelled. Imani gripped the bedsheets tightly. If Sawyer exploded, the last thing she wanted was to get caught in the crossfire of his rage.


“Honey, calm down,” Imani soothed her husband. She could tell that she wasn’t really getting through to him. That wasn’t unusual since the doctor had given them the devastating news about Sawyer’s reproductive “situation”.


Sawyer lowered his voice, “Don’t you want a baby?”


“Yes,” Imani answered. Her lips were quivering. She knew exactly how this would play out; she would cave to Sawyer’s desires.


“Well this is the way to do it. It’s just a one time thing… Once it happens, it will all be over and we’ll have our baby. He’s the only person I trust to do this. He would do anything for me. We’re like brothers,” Sawyer finished.


Imani nodded. This was over. She would let Sawyer have his way and hope that neither of them would come to regret this.


“You’re right. Ask him. I need more time to think about this, but if you really think this is the best way, I’ll go through with it,” Imani answered.


Sawyer walked over to where Imani was sitting and kissed her on the lips. Imani inhaled her husband’s familiar scent and felt immediately at ease. He has to be right about this. Sawyer has never let me down. Imani thought to herself. As her husband pressed his lips against hers, Imani began to feel more comfortable with his suggestion. They were doing this together. Nothing could get between them, not even impotence. This would be the final solution to their problems. No other roadblocks would prevent them from having a happy marriage. Imani was certain of this. No matter what, Sawyer was her first and last lover. Those vows meant something to her; Imani would do anything to keep her man, even this.


When Sawyer left the room, Imani knelt down at the foot of her bed and prayed. Imani still wondered if her new(ish) Christian God was the same as her former Muslim God. Would this God answer her prayers? Imani prayed that God would grant her the guidance to know what was right. She asked God for forgiveness for what she and Sawyer were about to do. She asked God to bless her marriage and to keep her family safe. All Imani wanted was her happily ever after ending; this damn impotence was the worst thing that could have happened. After her minutes of meditative prayer, she felt certain that God would guide her along the right path. Everything would be okay.


Imani went into the bathroom and powdered her nose. Her grey eyes glimmered with her usual energy. She felt refreshed and rejuvenated from communing with her Creator. Imani was a soft spoken woman with a hidden vibrancy that only careful observers could recognize right off the bat from looking into her deep grey eyes. Imani was a tall Amazonian woman with thick bones.


Because of this, weight seemed to stick to her body easily. Being a “BBW” didn’t make Imani less attractive — she didn’t give a damn what the media said. She loved every inch of her body and so did Sawyer. Sometimes Imani was insecure that he would find a younger, skinnier version of her to replace her…


But she was getting convinced that would never happen. This decision would only bring them closer together. Sharing a secret of this magnitude could do nothing but revitalize their marriage.


This has to be the right thing. Why else would God lead me down this path? Imani thought to herself.


Sawyer had yet to bring his unconventional suggestion to his best friend. As three or four weeks passed, Imani found herself settling into deep depression. Sawyer hadn’t said a word yet, but Imani was terrified that any moment he would walk in and ask her to do the deed. Could this really be the right choice?


Imani decided there were only two people in the world she could trust to give her good advice about this. Who else would understand besides her best friends? Those two had stuck with her through thick and thin. After college, they had all moved to the same town together. Imani was the only one to get married… Her friends lived far different lives.


Zoe Hunt and Kym Tran were Imani’s closest friends and their value systems were like night and day. Zoe was a half Indian and half white polyamorous woman who flitted about amongst her lovers. Zoe worked as a personal trainer and waxing specialist. Imani at first thought Zoe’s romantic choices were strange but when she saw that Zoe was quite happy she came to be very accepting of the woman’s lifestyle. After all, as long as all of her partners knew the truth, no one was getting hurt. Kym was just as alternative as Zoe in her own way. She an out and proud Vietnamese lesbian with a serious nicotine addiction. She had a long-term partner for many years and the two of them were quite active in their local church. These two women had been through so much and possessed incredible wisdom. They were the least judgmental people Imani knew.


While Sawyer was away at work, Imani  invited Zoe and Kym to come over. The ladies arrived around the same time. So you had her long black hair hanging down her back in a single braid. She and him I had an inside joke about Imani cutting her braid off and selling it as a weave if times got tough.


“Girl you’ve got 22 inches of virgin Indian remy on your head just chilling!” Imani would tease. Zoe appreciated the flattery. If there was one thing she was proud of it was her long black hair. Kym on the other hand was far less interested in performing extreme femininity. Kym had her hair cut in a short bob. Although she wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, she considered herself to be a more androgynous type of person. Kym was wearing a denim jacket with a pair of tight black jeans. As usual, she wore 6 inch heels. Her face was contoured perfectly and as usual, she had on her eyelash extensions and bright red Ruby Woo lipstick. Kym always looked like a supermodel even if she was a little boyish. One of her favorite hobbies was turning down guys who tried to hit on her…


Imani’s odd bunch of friends entered her house and sat down while Imani served mimosas. She knew the girls would need a drink after hearing what she had to say so she decided to get ahead of their expectations. Once Imani had served them, she joined them in her living room. Kym was already teasing Zoe about her most recent conquest. When Imani sat down, they let her in on the joke. Zoe had slept with a guy who looked exactly like Kym’s older brother. Kym found this endlessly amusing but Zoe was beyond embarrassed.


“So, what did you have to tell us?” Zoe asked, eager to pull the conversation away from her exploits.


Imani hesitated. Was she doing the right thing by seeking advice from her closest friends?


“Sawyer and I want to have a baby,” Imani started. Kym rolled her eyes.


“Yeah… This is old news,” Kym answered. Kym knew that Imani was beating around the bush and she wanted her to cut straight to the point. Kym had mild disdain for Sawyer (whether or not she admitted it) and she was sick of hearing about Imani’s “hetero baby fever”.


Zoe was a little more empathetic and she could tell that Imani was hesitant to speak out.


“You can tell us anything. You know we won’t judge you,” Zoe said. She flashed Imani a genuine smile and her brown eyes lit up. Her round face was welcoming and illuminating. How could Imani say no to a face like that?


“Sawyer wants his best friend impregnate me,” Imani said in a hurry. She bowed her head to avoid looking her best friends in the eye.


Zoe choked on her drink as she held back a laugh. Kym looked dumb founded. “Really funny Imani. You almost had me there,” She answered before coolly sipping more of her mimosa. Neither of them thought Imani was serious at first.


Imani could tell that they were not taking her seriously. After all, even she had to admit it sounded ridiculous.


“I’m not joking,” Imani said frustrated. Zoe looked at her and saw that she was telling the truth. Her eyes widened.


“Oh my goodness… You really aren’t joking,” Zoe answered. Once Kym and Zoe saw this was true, they exchanged a glance and downed the remainder of their mimosas in one large gulp.


Kym took the lead. “So uh… Why?” She asked.


It was a fair question. To Kym, having a child was out of the question. She totally lacked any maternal instincts to raise a child anyways.  Plus, since  she was in a relationship with another woman, Kym didn’t have to worry about pregnancy happening by accident.


“Sawyer and I really want a baby. But Sawyer… You know…” Imani continued. Zoe and Kim were both well aware of Sawyer’s impotence. However, they certainly didn’t expect Imani to tell them this. If anything, they expected Imani to adopt a child or something a bit more conventional.


Zoe rested her hand on Imani’s thigh. “What about adoption?” She asked.


Imani sighed. “Sawyer doesn’t want to adopt,” Imani replied. Remembering Sawyer’s outburst when she had suggested it depressed Imani to no end.


Kym rolled her eyes again. She always seemed to have a “thing” against Sawyer; Imani could never figure out why.


“Can I smoke?” Kym asked.


Imani nodded.  They sat in silence while Kym pulled out a cigarette and flipped her later a couple times until it was lit. As she inhaled deep lung full of tobacco, she closed her eyes like she was entering heaven. When she exhaled, Kym was ready to speak.


“He wants you to fuck his best friend but he doesn’t want you to adopt?” She said unimpressed.


Imani pressed her fingers against her forehead. She knew Kym would have this exact response. In a way, she agreed with her. But what could she do? She was married to Sawyer. He was the love of her life. It was her duty as his wife to please him.


“I know… I know… But what can I do? He wants a baby bad and he says it’s only one time,” Imani answered.


Zoe empathized, but Imani could tell Kym didn’t.


Zoe replied, “I think she should do what makes her husband happy. Everything will fall into place afterwards.”


“That’s an archaic BS and you know it,” Kim answered. She took another drag out of her cigarette and scowled.


“Sorry babe…I love you to death…  I just don’t see how he can make you do this. Are you going to agree to it?” Kym asked.


Imani nodded. “ Yes… I’ve already told him he should talk to Damien,” Imani replied.


Kym furrowed her brow and scowled. She puffed on her cigarette even faster, letting the ash fall to the ground. Imani figured this wasn’t the time to nitpick Kym’s messy smoking habits. The burning stick was merely a small nub in her hand. Imani knew she would need another one soon at this rate.


Zoe tried to be understanding. As usual, she was a little bit more upbeat than Kym. She saw the world in a more optimistic way. Imani figured that was the only way she could please quite so many lovers…


“Well… Is Damien cute?” Zoe asked.


“That’s the thing… I don’t know him very well. We’ve met a few times but since he lives out of town, I barely know him. His relationship is mostly with Sawyer over the phone you know. But they go way back. All I know, he’s staying at a hotel 10 miles away and Sawyer’s meeting up with him tonight after work,” Imani finished.


Kym answered, “Well you better hope he’s cute. You don’t want to raise another man’s child who has the audacity to be ugly too.”


“Kym!” Zoe said, smacking Kym lightly and glaring at her as if to say, “loosen up”.


“Sorry…”Kym mumbled.


Imani didn’t mind; she was smiling from ear to ear. Kym was a little bit of a grouch but she had a funny streak. Plus, Kym had a point.


After work, Sawyer sat next to Damien at a hotel bar. It had been a long time since he had seen his childhood friend. He and Damien rarely talked but their relationship went deeper than daily conversation. This man was one of the few people who had known him since he was a boy… Damien knew things about Sawyer that not even Imani knew.


“So… what did you want to ask me?” Damien began. He chugged his pint of dark ale down like it was a glass of water. He really hasn’t changed. Sawyer thought.  Damien had been drinking the same brew since he was 13 years old.


Sawyer was glad that Damien was the same man. It eased his mind considering he was about to ask Damien something practically unthinkable. A little alcohol would lubricate the situation. Sawyer pounded back his whiskey on the rocks. He needed a much stiffer drink to build up the courage to ask this guy to impregnate his wife.


“D… Remember that little… problem I told you about,” Sawyer began.  Damien knew exactly which problem. When his best friend had confided his impotence, it had been an emotional journey for both of them. Damien knew how much his best friend wanted a child. Sawyer was one of the few men who actually dreamed of settling down and having a baby. Damien nodded.


Sawyer continued, “I’ve been talking to my wife and I have a proposition for you. Things have been going well at work so I am more than willing to compensate you… This is difficult to ask but… Will you impregnate my wife?”


Damien damn near spat out his drink. He hadn’t expected Sawyer to bring that up. He figured that he had a little affair he needed covered up or something of that nature.


“Dude… You’re joking,” Damien answered.  He smiled widely and ordered another pint of ale. This was a bizarre request but Damien wasn’t going to turn Sawyer down without hearing a little more. In fact, he had no real ties to any woman so he planned to give the idea some fair consideration.


Sawyer ordered another whiskey.  They sat in silence until their drinks had arrived. Sawyer hoped that the period of quiet meant that Damien was considering it.


“No… I’m not joking,” Sawyer continued after he chugged his second glass of whiskey.


“Well… I never expected you to ask this but I’m a ‘fuck it why not’ kind of guy…” Damien answered.


“So is that a yes or no?” Sawyer confirmed.


Damien nodded his head and pounded back his second glass of ale. The two men passed the rest of the night together catching up. They didn’t mention another word about the agreement they’d just made for the rest of their time in the bar.


Chapter 2


Purely physical. This was purely physical.  Imani was trying to talk herself down from the ledge. She had agreed to do this and now she was meeting up with Damien and Sawyer wasn’t there as a crutch. He thought it was important that they get to know each other so things would go smoothly. Imani couldn’t see the benefit. She would have preferred if Damien just bent her over and did what he had to do. Could she really go through with this? If she actually had to talk to the guy, Imani didn’t know if she could. Imani hoped that something would happen and Damien would be late or not show up or something. Was it too much to ask that God do this little favor?


To say Imani had cold feet was an understatement.


Anyways, this was just coffee.


Damien was five minutes late and Imani was just about ready to throw in the towel and go home. Perhaps he had backed out too. Before she could get up, she saw him walk through the door. Damien looked a bit different than Imani remembered him but she recognized him immediately. The difference must have been the fact that Damien had gained about twenty pounds of muscle. A strange thing about Damien was that he had bright blue eyes just like her husband did. Except he wasn’t blond and he was far taller. Sure, Sawyer wasn’t short and he wasn’t weak, but if he were compared it to Damien alone he would’ve seemed like a far less impressive specimen of a man.


“Imani Noble,” Damien said before sitting down.


“Hi Damien…” Imani answered. She realized that she didn’t know Damien’s last name.


Damien filled in the blanks, “It’s Damien Westman.” He sat down and stared at Imani with a freakish grin on his face.


“Why are you grinning?” Imani asked. The staring was starting to creep her out.


Damien chuckled, “Oh it’s nothing. I just forgot how drop dead gorgeous you were.”


Imani couldn’t help but feel the heat rising to her cheeks. Was he flirting? Was he supposed to flirt?


“Thank you,” She squeaked out.  My goodness, I’m so awkward!


“Uh… You want to order some coffee or something?” Imani asked.


Damien replied, “Nope!” He continued to grin like he was privy to some sort of inside joke Imani was excluded from.


Imani should’ve remembered how much of a weirdo Damien was. Sure, he went way back with Sawyer but she often wondered if they had met during adulthood with the even be friends? Sawyer was stable and put together. Damien was a Rolling Stone who hadn’t settled on a career until he was 31 or 32. As far as Imani knew, he was a Playboy too. He would get women closer and closer to him and then leave town without another word, confused as to why the women were heartbroken. Damien was a ticking time bomb of irresponsibility and childishness. However, he was a loyal friend to Sawyer. As far as Imani knew, Sawyer was the only person Damien had ever been loyal to. She had to respect that at least.


Damien decided to take the conversation by the reins.


“So how’ve things been with Sawyer. I hope he’s treating a beautiful woman like you the way you’re meant to be treated,” Damien asked.


Imani couldn’t tell if he was flirting or just being friendly. She figured she should let her guard down at least a little bit. After all, she would be having sex with this man soon.


“Sawyer provides everything I could want or ever hope to want,”  Imani replied.


Damien made eye contact with her and didn’t reply for a moment. As he gazed deep into her eyes, Imani  was forced to come to terms with the fact that Damien was attractive. She wouldn’t have said he was more attractive than her husband, but they were at least on the same level. She locked eyes with Damien’s baby blues. he smirked at her as if he knew exactly how attractive she thought he was.


“I have a feeling we’re going to have a good time,” Damien said. Imani didn’t know how to interpret what he said. Was she even supposed to enjoy this? Imani couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that this counted as cheating some way some how. The Good Book hadn’t been very specific about relations of this kind. Sawyer had given permission. Sawyer had wanted this. Imani was morally confused and thinking about it any longer would render her helpless. She decided to give into Damien’s flirtations. After all, her husband had set the whole thing up. Why not let loose a little?


“I think we’re going have a great time too,” Imani said. She smiled. Her gray eyes appeared especially bright against her dark mahogany skin.


Damien began to ask Imani questions about the banal… What were her friends like? What did she do all day? Did she enjoy New England? Was Sawyer the wealthiest man in town?  Those types of things. Despite this basic nature of his questions, as he probed deeper Imani felt herself growing a little bit closer to Damien. It had been a long time since someone had shown interest in her and she was flattered by Damien’s earlier platitudes and his interest in her boring New England life. For some reason, Imani felt at ease around Damien. She felt similarly to how she felt around Zoe and Kym. She could just tell that Damien wouldn’t judge her even if he knew her dark secrets. She could tell that he was just that type of person. Imani rarely felt completely at ease around people so it was a nice feeling to have.


After a cool 45 minutes of talking, Damien and Imani finally felt more at home with each other. Once things got going, they both felt at ease with each other and quickly became lost in conversation.


Damien whispered, “Do you want to head back to my place and… get this done?”


Imani wasn’t sure if this was part of the plan all along. But she went along with it. Just one time. She was ovulating and if Damien did the job right, she would find out that she was pregnant.


Imani nodded. Damien paid for her drink and led her to the parking lot.


“Just follow my car,” He instructed her.


For the entire drive over to Damien’s house, Imani was freaking out. It had been years since she had even entertained the notion of sleeping with someone else besides her husband. And here she was on her way to sleep with her husband’s best friend. No matter how right logic was telling her this was, emotionally she felt uncertain.


Could Sawyer really want this? And if Sawyer did want this deep down, would this push them together or drive them further apart?


I’m doing this for my husband… Not for myself. Imani thought. That was the only thing that could keep her going. Imani really would do anything for Sawyer. Whether or not it was taboo, she wanted nothing more than to please her husband. She followed Damien’s car 10 miles out of town to the wooden motel he was staying at.  Ever since marrying Sawyer, Imani had never been to a place that looked quite so… Cheap. She felt a little snooty getting out of her car and looking the place up and down but she just couldn’t help it. This looked like exactly the kind of place you go for a sleazy hookup. Just the look of the place reminded her of how dirty she was about to get.


When Damien got out of his car, he wrapped his arm around Imani and led her up to his room on the second floor.  His room smelled like it had been recently vacuumed but all the bedding still had the smell of tobacco and must. There was probably no chance of the room ever smelling clean and fresh. Filth was ingrained in the very energy. Every piece of fabric in the room was distinctly polyester. Imani made a mental note to try to touch as few surfaces as possible.


“You can relax,” Damien began. He could tell she was nervous by the way her eyes flitted around the room. He pulled Imani close and kissed her on the lips for the first time. It didn’t feel as wrong as Imani expected. The idea of feeling so comfortable in Damien’s arms scared her. She pulled away rapidly.


“I can’t do this,” Imani murmured.


“Sh… Yes you can. We’ll go slow… I promise you’ll enjoy this,” Damien whispered back.


Imani looked into his eyes as if she was testing to see if she could trust him. Damien looked caring. He didn’t look like a Rolling Stone or a troublemaker. In the bedroom, he was suave and in charge without being a boor.


“This feels like cheating,” Imani whispered as Damien kissed her neck. She was shaking like a leaf. He lifted his head.


“Imani, relax,” he whispered and continued to kiss her neck. Imani kissed him back.


“I don’t know if I can relax,” she whispered again.


Damien smirked, “Then let’s try something that’s not kissing… We’ll see how that works.”


No man had been able to literally sweep Imani off her feet before, not even Sawyer. Damien picked her up as if she were a lightweight purse and carried her over to the motel bed. As he laid her back, the loud jiggle of springs reminded her of the seedy motel she was about to get screwed in. Imani was pulled back into the experience as Damien got between her legs and started to remove her pants. Maybe he was right… Maybe this would relax her.


Damien slowly removed her pants. His hands lingered over the soft curve of her hips. Imani felt herself getting wet the moment Damien threw her pants to the ground. She began to remove her underwear all on her own. She could get used to this kind of treatment.


Damien spread Imani’s legs apart and looked at his prize below. He had not been joking earlier. She was beyond gorgeous. He couldn’t believe that Sawyer would let a woman like that sleep with another man. If Imani were his, he would never let any of his friends so much as look at her. Sawyer had always been… Different.


Damien was lax about societal rules but he knew when it was time to settle down with a woman. When you found a woman like Imani, you didn’t let her go. Nevertheless, if this is what his friend wanted, Damien was willing to go through with it. He was already rock hard; there was no turning back.


Imani heaved in anticipation and Damien licked his lips as he thought about diving his tongue between her folds. Her pussy was completely waxed. Her pink center was engorged and peeking through her dusky brown pussy lips. Her skin was so dark. Damien had never been with the black girl quite so dark before. He admired Iman’s soft skin. The contrast between Imani’s dark skin and his pale skin aroused him even more. Damien couldn’t believe there was a time when this type of relationship would be even more taboo than it already was…


He bent his head between Imani’s pussy lips and stuck his tongue between her folds. He licked up and down her length until she was mewling in pleasure.


“Oh God! Yes Damien,” Imani moaned.


Hm… So she’s a talker. Damien thought to himself. He liked a woman who told him what she wanted. He liked a woman who would take control of her pleasure. At the same time, Damien loved a woman who would submit herself to his tongue. Imani was doing just that. She relaxed into the bed as Damien probed deeper.


Damien lifted his head right as she was about to cum. Imani shuddered.


“Do you want to cum?” He asked.


Imani whimpered, “Yes… please.”


“Yes who?”


“Yes sir,” Imani whimpered again. Ah, so she was used to taking the submissive role.


Imani moaned as Damien licked and slurped around her entrance. Every few minutes, he would push his tongue deep between her folds. Imani cried out in pleasure as she came for the first time. As Imani bucked her hips, she cried out. In the throes of pleasure, Imani forgot that she wasn’t with her husband. All she could think about was the heat that had erupted at her core. This was her best orgasm in a long time and it hadn’t been tainted by the pressure of baby making. After she came again, Imani was nice and wet and ready to be entered.


“Are you more relaxed?”  Damien asked as he lifted his head. He knew damn well that Imani was way more relaxed. He just wanted to hear her say that she had enjoyed being with him more than anything. He knew his skills were out of this world. Imani didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much she had impressed her.


She smiled gently, “I’m a bit more relaxed.”


Damien began to strip down to nothing. Imani couldn’t keep her eyes off his body. There was something raw and natural about his musculature. He didn’t seem like his body had been sculpted by a personal trainer; he seemed like he is muscle was born out of hard manual labor. Was there more to Damien than she realized? Imani realized she was staring hard when Damien chuckled.


“Like what you see?” He joked. Imani didn’t reply. She still couldn’t believe that she was about to do this.


As Damien crawled between her legs on the bed, Imani caught a glimpse of his powerful cock. His dick wasn’t just long; he had a daunting girth. He was hard and ready for action. Watching a woman moan and squirm beneath him had more than aroused him.


Damien brought himself face-to-face with Imani as he began to press his cock between her legs. At first, she didn’t feel that his immense size and make that big of a difference. He started to press into her slowly and Imani felt like she could easily accommodate his length. Realizing that Imani was just a little bit too comfortable, Damien started to shove his cock into her hard. Imani gasped as Damien buried himself inside of her to the hilt. This wasn’t supposed to be intimate but Imani grabbed tightly onto Damien’s back making it personal. She stared deep into his eyes as he began to thrust inside of her. What was happening? This was purely physical yet here, right now, she was feeling a connection that went a little bit deeper. Imani thought that perhaps she was imagining it.


Damien began to plunge into her deeper and slower. It felt like he was making love as opposed to just reading. Imani held on to him and kissed his cheek and neck as he thrust himself deep inside of her. The lines between friend and lover were blurring the more he rammed his cock into Imani.


Imani cried out in pleasure as her pussy clenched around Damien’s cock.


“God! Fuck me harder!” Imani implored.


A devilish grin was plastered across the Damien’s face. He obliged. He began to pound Imani into the bed relentlessly.


Imani moaned and another orgasm surged through her body. Damien could feel her pussy contracting and pulling him in deeper. Her body was acting of its own accord and milking him for his cum.


“Treat me like a slut, give it to me Damien!” Imani cried out.


She was close to the edge again. The more orgasms she had, the nastier she got. Damien couldn’t hold back much longer. He pumped as much as he could and then he reached release. Damien grunted as he emptied himself inside of Imani. Finishing inside of Imani was more glorious than Damien ever could have imagined. Damien practically doubled over. He collapsed on top of Imani, letting his weight press her into the bed. Imani loved that feeling of a strong man on top of her. Damien kissed her on the lips as if to thank her and then rolled over onto his back.


“Mind if I smoke?” Damien asked.


Imani replied, “I prefer if you didn’t…”


“Ah. That explains why Sawyer quit,” Damien replied. He smiled.


“Don’t talk about him right now… please,” Imani begged.


“Sure thing,” Damien answered. He folded his arms behind his head and lay there with his cock soft and exposed.


Imani leapt off the bed and began to get dressed. She was completely dressed and Damien was still lying there with his cock exposed.


“Don’t you think it’s time to put some clothes on?” Imani asked folding her arms.


Damien grinned.


“Nope,” He said. His blue eyes were gleaming with amusement. Imani couldn’t figure out what was so funny. I should probably get the hell out of here.


“ I should probably leave,” Imani mumbled.


Damien replied, “Why? Didn’t you have a good time?”


Imani didn’t know what to say…  if she answered honestly, she might give Damien the wrong impression about what this experience meant. It was a one-time thing and she had only done it for her husband. It didn’t matter how amazing it had all felt. Whether or not she had a “good time” didn’t matter. The moment she left this seedy motel room, her dalliance with Damien would be over.


“Good night Damien. I’m going home now,” Imani said.

She left the hotel room as quickly as she could and drove home. On the way home, Imani’s hands were trembling as she gripped the steering wheel. For some reason, she felt nervous as if she were about to be keeping a deep secret from her husband.

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