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Mar 29

Books Like 50 Shades of GreyIf you are interested in books similar to 50 Shades of Grey, check out Baby For the CEO by Jamila Jasper. This book has all the elements of steamy, kinky billionaire romance novel that will keep you turning the page until the very end. This is one of Jamila's office romance books that explores the relationship between a white CEO and his new African American intern. One of the best steamy romance novels of 2016, Jamila Jasper's story explores the dark side of romance.


Wolf Goldman is a psychologically troubled billionaire and CEO of one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in America.

He's already made it big… His biggest problem is staving off the boredom that comes from having too much money and no one to spend it on. Wolf Goldman's a playboy who can have whoever he wants but that's just a little bit too easy.

Now he wants to play…


He hires a young African American woman named Sable Marie Watson — an untouched and modest woman — all for the glory of the chase.

But Sable is a bit more than he expected and as Sable continues to defy his expectations, Wolf begins to wonder if this is becoming more than a game to him…

When Sable begins to work for Goldman Inc. she is hesitant to submit to her boss's orders. But as the paychecks get bigger and her family starts to rely on her more and more, she has no choice but to become the woman that Wolf Goldman wants.

As Wolf's game gets deeper and more elaborate, both their feelings start to grow.

Are either of them brave enough to stop playing and try to hash out a real relationship or will they continue to struggle to deny their feelings for the sake of pride alone?

You can get a taste for what this story is about in the excerpt below.




“Wolf! Wolf!” Elizabeth shrieked.


She had been drinking again. Or something. Wolf wished that his father would come home and say what he needed to in order to get her to stop. He was only eighteen and living with the responsibilities of a thirty year old.


Wolf walked into his mother’s room and asked politely, “Yes mother?”


She glared at him.


“Where are my pills? Did you move my pills?”


“No. Maybe it was Clarissa.”


“That fucking bitch… I know she’s fucking your father…” His mother muttered.


“I don’t think you should have pills when you’ve been drinking,” Wolf suggested.


His mother seemed not to hear him. Either that or she didn’t care. He looked at her lying there and tried to feel something for her. But he couldn’t bring any emotions forward. Not pity, not disgust. Elizabeth Goldman closed her eyes. Wolf watched as his mother lay there. He wondered why she was like this… What had turned her into this person.


She had everything in life. She had the perfect husband who had more money than anyone could have dreamed of. She had everything. But no matter how much Mr. Goldman put in front of her, she just seemed to vacuum it all up and spit back destruction. Wolf found it ironic that she’d accused his father of sleeping with the maid. He knew that his mother had dalliances of her own — and she wasn’t afraid to hide them.


He’d lost count of the number of men who had come in and out of the Goldman mansion over the past ten years. Some of them were kind to Wolf but others weren’t….


Wolf wondered how his father put up with this. Was he so weak that he would let a woman stomp all over him like this? His mother twitched in her sleep. Her shock of wheat blonde hair lay sprawled out behind her. In her sleep her body looked frail as if she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She probably hadn’t. Elizabeth would sometimes go days only filling her body with pills and alcohol.


“I’m in a lot of pain Wolf,” She would mumble with a look in her eyes that was begging for his pity.


Perhaps as a child Wolf had pitied her but not anymore. Now he just felt hot rage and deep resentment. Elizabeth had cheated him out of a mother and essentially out of a childhood. Wolf made sure that she was asleep. He wandered close to the bed and placed his hand on her wrist to check her pulse. She didn’t flinch but sure enough between his index finger he felt the dull, steady throb of her heart. She was still with him. At least physically. The spirit of Elizabeth Goldman no longer existed in Wolf’s world.


He placed a pillow under her head and kissed her forehead. Wolf still wished that his kiss would take away all her pain. Now he couldn’t focus on her thought. He had other business to attend to…


Jessica Lowell had left message upon message begging to see him again. She was a solid ten years older than Wolf but she was the only woman he’d ever been with who had absolutely no expectations of him. Like every woman in this neighborhood she was egregiously wealthy thanks to a hardworking husband. Her only job was to stay home all day and remain on her best behavior. Again, like all the other women in Wolf’s town, that was a difficult task for her.


She’d found herself engulfed in Wolf’s arms after the Goldman Christmas party — the day Wolf had turned eighteen. It wasn’t long before she was pressuring him to follow her into the West Wing of the mansion. She got down on her knees and orally pleasured Wolf reassuring him that he was the biggest and most handsome man she’d ever been with.


Wolf was disgusted by her in so many ways but his teenage urges kept him coming back for more. If all women were like this what was the point in wasting his time with relationships? Women his age might have been able to satisfy his need for intimacy but in the end they all ended up like his mother or like Jessica.


Jessica’s husband was in Switzerland on a business trip and Jessica had agreed to come over that evening and show Wolf “the time of his life”. Wolf was hoping she could also help him review his application to Yale in addition to whatever naughty antics she had planned.


Jessica came right on time. For twenty-eight she looked good. At least that’s what Wolf thought. He wasn’t quite sure what twenty-eight year olds were supposed to look like. But he knew that Jessica spent three hours a day with her personal trainer and barely ate anything that wasn’t green.


She greeted him at the door, “Wolf! Mummy’s home!”


Wolf smiled weakly and replied, “Hi Jessica.”


“Take me up to your bedroom big boy I only have a couple hours before spinning.”


Wolf could already feel his cock straining through his pants. Jessica’s personality and the way she lived her life totally repulsed him but Wolf had to admit that she was an animal in the sack. He’d been with around ten women and she was by far the best. Perhaps it was the fact that they kept it a secret or maybe she was really that good.


Wolf led her upstairs to his bedroom. Jessica smiled and sighed.


“I can’t believe I’m up here again…”


“I can,” Wolf replied coolly.


Jessica smirked at him. “Don’t be a little shit. Take your clothes off let me get a taste of your big cock,” Jessica cooed.


Wolf didn’t need to be asked twice. He unzipped his pants and let Jessica take the reins….


Forty-five minutes later and Wolf was spent. He’d had Jessica in every one of her holes and he was dripping in sweat. Jessica lay beside him and nestled herself into his arms.

“You’re so much more of a man than my husband,” She sighed.


Wolf didn’t know how to respond. She was brazen… bold… and disgusting.




“Where are you going to college next year Wolf? Please say you’re staying close to home… I don’t know where I’m going to find another cock like yours.”


“Yale. Everyone in my family has been to Yale,” Wolf said.


Jessica replied, “Well that’s lofty dear. And then what? You’re going to work with your father.”


Wolf snorted with disgust. His father? Mr. Goldman might have been successful but he had nowhere near the amount of success Wolf wanted for himself. How could he be successful anyways when his wife sat down at home lazing about and wasting all his money on designer drugs and clothing.


“No… I don’t want to become like my father,” He said.


“Well maybe Jerry could get you –”


“Jessica… Please don’t bring your husband into this,” Wolf snapped.


Jessica paused for a moment and lowered her hands down to Wolf’s flaccid cock.


Wolf turned over to look her in the eye.


“I want more than this Jessica…”


Jessica’s eyes widened and her hand flew off Wolf’s cock.


“Not from you…I mean out of my life. I don’t just want to be some idiot husband who has millions of dollars and a wife who doesn’t love me.”


“Oh honey,” Jessica said.


Wolf hated the look of pity in her eyes.




“This is just what life is. This is just what marriage is…” Jessica said.


Wolf’s face twisted into a scowl.


“Then I want nothing to do with it. I’ll sit in my tower with millions of dollars to my name and I won’t give a damn about… women… a wife… a family… It’s all worth shit anyways.”


“I see I’ve made you cynical,” Jessica said with a smile.


“If only it was just you,” Wolf muttered.


“Don’t be such a downer Wolf… Here… I’ll make this visit worth your time…”


Jessica brought Wolf to orgasm again. After Jessica left, Wolf felt emptier than ever. Fuck Jessica. Fuck his mother. They were both worthless soul sucking tramps. Wolf walked into his mother’s room and her eyes fluttered open.


“Wolfie?” She gasped.


“Yes mother…” He replied.


“Can you get me some water?”


“Anything else?”


“Get Clarissa to come in here… Is your father home yet?”


“No he isn’t home.”

“I miss him Wolf… He’s never around anymore.”


Wolf didn’t bother lashing out at her and telling her the reason why his father wasn’t home. It was her. It had to be her. Elizabeth Goldman had chased her husband away, banished him to the office just so he would avoid having to face his biggest shame and failure.


Wolf simply answered, “I’ll get you the water… And I’ll ring Clarissa too.”


“I love you,” Elizabeth called.


Wolf didn’t bother responding. He didn’t believe that lie anymore.


Chapter 1


Wolf Goldman sat in his office waiting for his assistant to finally show her face for their appointment. He was tired of waiting. He had worked this hard just so he wouldn't have to wait anymore. Wolf abhorred lateness more than anything. He wondered if Harley didn’t see the value in what he wanted her there for. But it wasn't up to her to see the value in things. If she was really talented then she wouldn't be his assistant; she would be a billionaire herself.


Wolf was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and he'd been more than successful throughout his life. He was one of these wunderkinds from the 90s who made billions of dollars in the tech industry. He was looking to have Harley help him hire someone for a new job. As Wolf become more and more successful, he had started to spend his money on more bizarre things. He had come to have very specific tastes and to fetishize very specific things. Perhaps someone with less money would judge him for his acts: see him as a scoundrel or something like that. But Wolf didn't see it that way. Most men would kill to have his lifestyle matter how much they judged him. He hoped Harley would be able to help him.


She had her finger on the pulse of what the normal wage workers were interested in. She would understand how to lure in exactly the candidates he was hoping for. He was looking for just the right girl to work for him… Just the right girl that he could bend over a desk and have for himself after her work was done. Yes, Wolf knew that it was wrong in a sense. But weren’t we all prostituting ourselves in one way or another? Also, the girl he was looking for wasn’t really a prostitute. She was going to be much more than that to him.


Wolf's nasty fetish was deflowering virgins. And that's exactly whom he was looking to hire: a beautiful virgin who would eventually let him between her folds. Yet he had no idea where to find such girls anymore. After all, even when he was younger they had been particularly rare. Now that he was in his mid-30s, finding a virgin would be even more complicated. Especially in a city like this one, where sex essentially functioned as currency. Bus fares, rent, manicures could all be used to get access to women these days. Perhaps it wasn't even just these days; perhaps it had always been that way from the beginning of time. Either way, that left Wolf with a difficult task. But like most difficult tasks he could shunt the responsibility to his assistant.


Harley finally walked in the door fully aware that being just five minutes late would put her in a kind of trouble with Mr. Goldman. She had been one of his hires many years ago. When Harley was a youthful 32, she had been one of the oldest virgins that Wolf Goldman had ever encountered.  Naturally, it didn't take him very long to seduce her. Before both of them knew it, Harley was on her knees sucking his cock for all her worth. In a few days, she was bent over his desk taking it hard up the ass. Ever since then, the relationship had taken a more platonic turn. Once he had deflowered her, Wolf found her completely undesirable and found that they connected on absolutely no other levels. She was excellent at what she did (outside of the bedroom) so he kept her around as his personal assistant and closest confidant in the office.


"Sorry I'm late, Mr. Goldman,” Harley said.


"I don't need to tell you not to be late anymore. How’s the search coming?” Wolf said without looking up from his desk. He wasn't really busy, but he needed to give Harley the impression that her lateness had truly upset him. That would ensure she never did such a foolish thing again.


"I've made a breakthrough. I think I found a place where you can search for exactly the type of girl you're looking for," Harley continued.


"Well, don't keep me waiting," Wolf said sternly.


"Well… There are these Christian youth groups… The girls are normally over 18 and most of them have committed to remaining virgins until marriage. In these rare times, these are the only places where you can find youthful virgins that I think would satisfy your every desire. Sir.”.


She smiled after making her statement. She could predict exactly how happy that would make her boss. She knew him well- or at least she had come to over the years. She still secretly hoped that he would let her fuck him again, but she was just glad to be in his presence. Wolf Goldman was a formidable man.


Harley was correct in her prediction. Wolf was absolutely thrilled to hear the news. Of course! Why hadn't he thought of it before? Where else were congregations of virgins gathering just waiting to be plucked? He wanted to kiss Harley he was so pleased. Wolf thanked her instead.


"When can you ensure that these girls get applications to this prestigious internship?" Wolf asked.


"As soon as possible. In fact, I got Derek to distribute some of these forms today. Once good candidates fill them in, I will invite them in for interviews and if you see anyone you like you can hire them,” Harley replied.


Wolf was satisfied, more satisfied than he’d expected. He usually expected his workers to disappoint him, but yet again Harley had pulled through.


While Wolf was basking in the glory of Harley's new find, across town a group of 19-year-old girls had received notice of a prestigious internship opening up, one specifically seeking young Christian women.


Sable Watson and her best friend Tabitha both got ahold of these applications. Although they both considered themselves devout Christian women, these two girls were very different from each other. Sable was widely considered to be one of the most attractive women in her community. She was young, and as a result had a number of suitors from the church. Old women would bring their nephews or grandsons up to her, hoping to marry her into their families.


Sable was around 5 foot three with a beautiful curvaceous body. She wasn't the skinniest girl on the block but she still managed to carve out her own ideal of beauty external to what society and the world told her was. She may not have had the palest skin or the fairest color hair, but she had always felt absolutely beautiful in the skin and hair that she did have. Sable had warm sepia toned skin and deep coffee colored eyes. Her eyes were slanted downward and shone with incredible brightness that let everyone know how much energy and vigor she brought towards life. She had long thick curly hair that stopped in the middle of her back. Her kinky curls had taken so long to grow out, but Sable was proud of her natural hair.


Sable had always considered herself a devout Christian. She hadn’t missed a Sunday of church since the time she was hospitalized when she was 17 years old. She had promised when she was 14 years old to save her virginity until marriage. Sable spend as much time as possible reading her Bible and communing with God, asking him for guidance and direction in her life. She didn't understand how people of the secular world went without praising the Lord father who had given them everything in life. How could they be so ungrateful? How could they never stop and take the time to give thanks?


Sable felt like most people in her generation didn't understand her at all. Every time she met a man who she thought understood her faith in Christ and her commitment to keeping her virginity until marriage, they tried to break her. They would try their hardest to control and convince her to open her legs, but Sable remain steadfast against the temptation. She knew the right man wouldn’t have to force or convince her. She trusted in the heavenly powers above to guide her towards happiness.


Her best friend, Tabitha, was a completely different story. Yes, Tabitha still believed in Christ, but she went about her faith in a much different way than Sable did. In fact, Sable found it difficult not to judge her sometimes. But Tabitha had been her closest friend and confidante since they were children and even if Tabitha was a little bit of a skank, Sable found it in her heart to forgive her. After all, it was the Christian way.


Although Tabitha was faithful to Christ, she was also faithful to pleasures of the flesh. Tabitha had lost her virginity when she was 16 years old. Ever since then, she hadn’t been able to stop having sex. She would have sex for any reason under the sun. Once, she had sex in exchange for a  Big Mac. Luckily Sable had managed to talk some sense into her and she managed to pray for forgiveness for that one. She couldn't believe her friend could be so disgusting sometimes.


But mostly, Tabitha didn't just have sex with anyone. She was somewhat selective and she had certainly settled down since she was sixteen. The only other problem Sable really had with her was that Tabitha seemed to be one of those girls who identified as bisexual. Sable didn't know if I was real, or if her friend was just a slut. Of course, it was real, but Sable just couldn't wrap her mind around it.


Tabitha really didn't think that sex prevented her from having a relationship with God. After all, Jesus did hang out with Mary Magdalene- who was a prostitute! It was right there in the Bible, and Tabitha knew the word of the Lord like the back of her hand.


When she heard about the internship opportunity for young Christians, Tabitha had told Sable immediately. Visions of working together in a big company with her best friend filled her with joy. It was getting more difficult for them to find time to spend together anyways. At first Sable was hesitant, but eventually Tabitha managed to convince her that they should both apply. They sat down on the steps of the church after Wednesday evening Bible study and began to fill the forms out underneath the lamplight.


"I don't understand how some of these questions are relevant," Sable said as she filled out the form.


"It's like a personality test or some shit,” Tabitha said.


Sable glared at her for swearing but Tabitha ignored it. That was Sable's usual MO and she was totally over it.


"Yes, but why would a personality test ask what your breast- to-waist-to-hip ratio is?” Sable continued.


"I don't know. I figure they have us doing some kind of physical activity. Or maybe it's like an affirmative action type thing," Tabitha said. She flipped her 24-inch weave out of her face. She wasn’t a highly vain girl, but she did have a thing for high-quality hair extensions, braids and weaves. A girl had to have some hobbies, after all.


The young women finished their applications, sealed them in envelopes and sent them off to the mysterious Fortune 500 company they were applying for the internship at. They rarely found internships just for Christians these days, so they were both very hopeful that they would find a place for themselves in the world as believers in Christ. Both of them were thrilled by the idea that they could find a parent approved internship. After all, both their mothers had warned them about the corrupting powers of money and wealth. Tabitha and Sable were both wary of greed.


In a few days, the applications showed up on Wolf Goldman’s desk. He had received nearly 1000. He had absolutely no desire to go over all of them, so he called Harley upstairs.


"Val, can you help me go through these?" Wolf asked her. She nodded even if she had absolutely no desire to help Wolf fulfill his freaky little fantasy.


"Okay look through all of these, and then check their Facebook pages. Throw out all the applications from white girls and Asians," Wolf said. Harley looked up at him sternly. Of course, she was half-Asian and half-white herself. She wasn't convinced that Wolf hadn’t chosen his words specifically to offend her and gauge her reaction.


That task took most of the morning. After she had finished, she was left with 155 applications. She went back to Wolf with the reduced pile. He still wasn’t particularly thrilled to go through them.


“How about you keep the ones whose last names start with letters between M and Z,” Wolf said giving Harley a smile before she left the room to grumpily complete the second task. At least it didn't take very long. She came back with a stack of only 25 applications. As Wolf looked through the applications, he found a few women in particular stuck out to him.


He knew very little about them, but two of these women were Tabitha and Sable.

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