books similar to 50 shades of grey billionaire princes babyBillionaire Prince's Baby is one of Ms. Jasper's romance books similar to 50 Shades of Grey… If you enjoy dominating alpha billionaires with hearts of gold, you'll love this story. This is one of Ms. Jasper's most drama filled full-length interracial romance books but don't take my word for it. Check out the description below and then keep reading for a steamy excerpt:


A one-time arrangement could turn into happily ever after… 

Silas has always taken everything he wanted in life and he's especially never wanted for female companionship.

Miriam has been saving herself for the right guy. 

Billionaire Silas Beaumanoir can cater to Miriam's every need if she gives him one thing she holds most precious to her: her innocence. 

Miriam agrees but the one-time affair leads to more than what she's bargained for. Silas is too committed to keeping his secrets to let Miriam into his life any further. 

But there's still something utterly alluring about her. Miriam is the one person who's told Silas "no". In his life of excess, he can't help but feel he needs her around.

Will they be able to overcome all that's keeping them apart in order to stay together? Maybe they'll do it for the baby… 

Books Similar to 50 Shades of Grey: Billionaire Prince's Baby



Miriam was twenty years old without much dating experience. She’d worked her ass off through high school, sometimes taking jobs that were less than legal to pay her way through college. Miriam was an African American beauty whose booty didn’t go unappreciated by the men in her neighborhood. She had an hourglass figure with plump breasts and buttocks that attracted unwanted attention to a large degree.


Miriam had ignored the advances of the men in her community her whole life. She’d made it to twenty years old without giving any of them the time of day. Miriam felt lucky. She’d kept herself pure and she wasn’t like some of her other friends who got knocked up the second they left high school. Miriam knew love stories didn’t really happen for women like her, but she maintained her hope that just around the corner she’d meet the man of her dreams.


Unfortunately, he seemed to be just out of reach. Even when Miriam tried to date, all the men were just looking for some fast action. They assumed that Miriam’s alluring figure meant that she “put out”. Miriam was just about ready to give up on dating altogether based on her last experience – her date had pinned her down in the back of his car and tried to force himself on her. She was done with men like that… done.


Now that she was at university, and about to enter her last year, she found that she was not only tight on cash but thousands of dollars in debt. She couldn’t ask anyone in her family for money. Unlike some of her white peers, Miriam didn’t have a safety net. She didn’t know how things had spiraled out of control but now she was threatened with eviction, starvation or worse.


Miriam wished she could turn to her mother, but there was no point trying to interact with Esther when she was using. That had been one of Esther’s biggest vices that Miriam had been paying for since the day she was born. Esther had Miriam at seventeen with a retired pimp twenty-five years her senior. Miriam hated feeling like a stereotype or the product of a twisted situation. She knew it was technically wrong to feel ashamed of her mother and her circumstances, but she couldn’t help it. Few people in Miriam’s life knew exactly what she was dealing with back home and what she was so desperate to avoid.


Miriam had never known her father, but she knew what he looked like from old pictures. He’d never been around much; Esther said that he had no interest in claiming Miriam as his own. Miriam believed her. She’d always been hurt by the absence of a father in her life. That was one of the reasons she’d vowed to save herself for the right man.


Miriam didn’t want to end up like Esther. Her mother had numerous boyfriends throughout Miriam’s life but when Miriam was still in her teens, most of them started to become more interested in her than in her addict mother. None of them counted as a father figure. Certainly not the ones that would do something nice for her only to attempt to get into her pants while she was underage.


The memories of her past hadn’t made Miriam cold to the world. Some people succumb to pain and let it ruin them. Miriam used her pain as motivation to work even harder. But even with her scholarship, she was still on the verge of bankruptcy and losing everything she’d worked for. Miriam’s goal after college was to meet a nice, well mannered guy, get a job working for a bank with her degree in finance and then have the perfect life. Her past didn’t have to ruin everything for her.


Miriam hated feeling so defined by her tragic backstory, but she knew on some level that her experiences motivated every single one of her actions.


Despite this hardship, Miriam had made it out of the hood and she had no intention of going back. Miriam needed to find a way to pay off this debt and get herself some cash fast. She had a pretty good part time job, but her income was not enough to cover her expenses. Things were spiraling and with no one to turn to, Miriam was considering taking a permanent way out of things.


To add to her stress, her mother expected her to send cash home, not understanding that college was more of a financial burden than a source of income. Miriam’s little brother Jevon, who was only five,  had to be taken away from her mother and sent to live with her auntie in the suburbs. Miriam longed to make enough money to bring her brother back, to get her mother the help she needed and to reunite their strange and broken family. Such dreams were not easily realized.


Esther had to want Jevon back. She had to want to get better. Miriam couldn’t negotiate with her when she was using. She couldn’t get Miriam to see that she was tearing her family apart. All Miriam got was demands for money and angry tirades over the phone.


Miriam was at the end of her rope and her desperation for cash was increasing. Throughout college, she was friends with plenty of girls who were stripping to put their way through school. These girls had done what Miriam never could. They spent their evenings and weekends at seedy strip clubs, making thousands of dollars a night. All of it was in cash too so they could keep their earnings well under the radar. Miriam wasn’t sure if she really envied them, but she envied their ability to go through college completely carefree.


Many of them had Mercedes Benz cars, and nearly all of them were perpetually decked out in designer clothes and designer augmentations. There were the girls who obviously made money from their tits and those who relied on their ass. But each one was financially stable. When you worked in that world, men handed you things for no reason whatsoever.


Those women never wanted for anything and most of them had steady boyfriends too. Men didn’t seem to mind that they spent their weekends exposing their breasts and butts at clubs. Even if she was hesitant to enter that world, Miriam was desperate for money and there was one friend from that world she could reach out to. Dakota was one of Miriam's closest friends and she was one of the best paid strippers in her club. Miriam never asked her too many questions, but she had a feeling that Dakota was netting close to six figures. Perhaps Dakota could help her?


As the deadline to pay her tuition bill drew closer and closer, Miriam felt desperate. This could be her ticket out. She didn’t enjoy the idea of shaking her ass in a club and having random men place dollar bills in her underwear, but she also didn’t enjoy the idea of going down the same dead end path that her mother had. First it was bankruptcy, then it was dropping out of school… Miriam didn’t want to let her imagination take her too far. The preview was grim enough.


Miriam called Dakota and the two planned to meet at the school’s burrito bar. Dakota arrived overdressed as usual. Dakota’s image was everything to her and she always had her eye on the next trend in plastic surgery. She was five foot eight, and had massive ass augmentations. Despite this, her butt still managed to look totally real and natural.


Dakota had caramel skin and long black weave that hit in the middle of her back. She wore tight skinny light wash jeans, with the whale tail of her black thong clearly revealed. Dakota wore a see through white crop top with a cheetah print bra underneath. Her face was contoured to perfection with massive fake eyelashes and overdrawn lips. Dakota didn’t look like a natural beauty but men didn’t seem to care. They loved her look.


Dakota paid for their burritos and the two sat at a corner table.


Dakota began talking, “So what do you wanna know about stripping. I know that’s why your ass called me mid day instead of your usual ‘Let’s go take shots!’ that you text every Thursday.”


Miriam blushed a bit, not expecting her ploy to be so transparent.


“I’m kind of strapped for cash I guess and I was wondering if I–” Miriam started.


“Well, honey, no offense but stripping is not for you. There are other ways you can make money without having to go through all the shit I put myself through,” Dakota said.


Miriam was silent, listening intently to the girl’s advice.


“So, you’ve probably guessed that most of us don’t make all our money from stripping,” Dakota chuckled.


She was wrong; Miriam hadn’t guessed at all. She tried not to get too many details from Dakota’s sordid life.


“I had no idea,” Miriam said.


Dakota laughed in disbelief. “Girl, do you see the shit that we buy? It’s expensive!”


Dakota launched into an explanation. She explained that many of the girls had sex for money. She’d only done it once but she’d made an easy $3,000 for just one night. Miriam was shocked and she was starting to get uneasy. This wasn’t the kind of work she was looking for.

Dakota explained that she had an online profile where she made money masturbating on cam. She also explained that she had a profile where she would go out on dates with guys for a lot of money. Dakota went on dates with high class clients who didn’t want to be seen with their frumpy wives at dinner function and these men paid her a significant amount, without sex.


Oftentimes they bought her gifts — one of these gifts was  Dakota’s impressive ass augmentation. Dakota also mentioned that she’d had work done on her tummy and gotten free boob jobs for two of her friends. The guys were mostly nice, but some of them were real creeps.


“But I actually think you could benefit from something else,” Dakota said after she’d explained a variety of techniques.


“What would that be?” Miriam said.


She was a little titillated by what she’d heard, a little scared but very eager to learn more.


“Sweetheart, you’re still a virgin right?” Dakota asked her.


“Yes, I am,” Miriam said, a little embarrassed.


“Oh thank God. I have the perfect idea for you,” Dakota said.


Dakota launched into another explanation. It was a website where girls could sell their virginity to older extremely wealthy men who had a penchant for youthful flesh. Well, one of these websites. This website sought specifically black girls who were willing to risk impregnation by having the buyers take their virginity. A lot of white men had this fantasy, and were willing to pay big bucks to have it fulfilled.


The arrangement was this: you put up a profile, you were matched with a buyer who took interest in you. You could look at what he was offering as well as his net-worth, both of which were well vetted. Then, he could pay you for a date and see where things went from there. Often times, the dates are at their homes, so Dakota promised that she would be the check-in person for Miriam if she decided to actually take her up on it.


“I’ll help you make your profile. They love innocent looking girls like you,” Dakota said and then she laughed, “Girls like me look like seasoned whores to these guys.”


“I don’t know if I can do this, Dakota.”


“Of course you can! Listen… If you’re worried about a husband you can always lie. If you’re in a tough spot I promise this will end all your problems.”


“But it’s sex with a stranger!” Miriam urged, trying to get Dakota to see her perspective.


Dakota kissed her teeth, “Listen, Miriam… The cards are stacked against us. I don’t know what demons you got, but if they’re anything like mine, you need to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Don’t let the demons win because you’re too much of a prude to do what needs to be done.”


Miriam pursed her lips. Dakota was right in some ways.


Dakota pulled out her laptop which was of course, brand new, and then opened up the website. The girls put together a profile for Miriam and uploaded it. Dakota was excited. Miriam could see that she enjoyed working her magic on her hapless victim.


“Are you sure I should say I have the best natural homegrown booty ever?” Miriam scoffed.


Dakota smirked, “Trust me okay… Listen, if this doesn’t work, I’ll loan you a couple grand. Just trust me!”


Miriam was powerless to disagree with her. There was a reason she’d come to Dakota. That woman knew more about the seedy underbelly of the world of sex work than Miriam could ever imagine. Plus, she trusted Dakota. Others might have just seen Dakota’s silicon implants, but Miriam knew she had a warm heart too.


“Go through the messages tomorrow and I’ll guide you through what to do next. Trust me, it’ll work that quickly. Before you know it, you will have all the money you need and like 10% of the emotional scars that I have.”


Miriam went home, wondering if she really had the balls to do this. She checked her bank statement one last time before bed. Yeah, that certainly furthered her resolve. She had to lose her virginity some time. Better with a crusty old guy who would pay her handsomely than with a fumbling dweeb beneath the bleachers of a high school football stadium, or wherever it was people who had sex in high school lost their virginity.


She’d been waiting for the “right guy” but maybe she needed to do this for herself. Miriam had her ethical reservations but it was one time and then she wouldn’t have to worry about money ever again. That’s what Dakota had promised her. Her debt would be gone and her tuition would be paid for. Miriam was naive to what that would really take.


The next morning, Miriam woke up early. She had trouble sleeping after her nightmare. Miriam had dreamed that she was being lifted on a cloud over a magnificent landscape. All of a sudden, she started to plunge to the earth thousands of feet below. Sleep was off the table.


Miriam boiled some water and poured herself a cup of hot tea. She showered, got dressed for class and then sat herself down at her desk. Maybe she wouldn’t have to think about leaving this apartment if she could pull this off.


She anxiously checked her profile, certain that there would be no interested buyers. Sure enough, she had one hundred and fifty messages.


She called Dakota. “I have one hundred and fifty!” she said excitedly.


“Girl, I have a hangover, let me pop a perc and then we’ll chat,” Dakota started fumbling; she heard her dry swallow and then Dakota started going into mentor-mode.


“OK, delete all of them with less than a million dollars of net worth,” she said. Miriam went through the list and this took her down to seventy messages.


She almost couldn’t believe that there were so many people who were willing to pay for that kind of thing and that so many of them had that much money.


“Now take away everyone over 45,” Dakota ordered.


Miriam complied; this dropped her list of messages down to twenty. Dakota was trying to ensure that the experience wasn’t terrible for her.


“Now, look for a guy who really appeals to you.”


Miriam looked through the list. The number hit her before his looks.


Net worth: 1.5 billion dollars


Miriam’s jaw dropped.


“Holy shit, Dakota, there’s a billionaire on here,” she said.


“Jackpot girl. I’m going to go throw up, I’ll let you handle the rest. You’re a big girl,” Dakota said before hanging up.


Miriam opened the message. She wasn’t sure that she could handle this without Dakota’s expert advice. The man’s message to her was simple and succinct without any creepy factors. There were no real red flags except for the place he was looking for a partner. Miriam tried not to judge.


After his message, he had posted his number and asked Miriam to give him a call. Miriam was anxious but a little bit excited at the prospect of meeting an actual billionaire! When she thought about it, just 1% of his wealth was enough to change her life forever.  


She scanned his profile for more information. From his profile picture, he looked normal. He claimed to be forty years old, and if he wasn’t he certainly looked like his was.


He had a handsome face and a wide smile. His skin was an alabaster color and he had a mop of blond hair. His eyes were a deep ocean blue. The eyes were the most hypnotic part of his appearance. Miriam looked into them and saw a mixture of sensual domination and icy coldness. A chill ran down her spine. Miriam wondered what he looked like in person. So far from his picture, he didn’t look bad. His facial features were decidedly sharp and masculine. Something about him was vaguely familiar, but Miriam couldn’t figure out what it was.


She picked up her phone hesitating about making the call. Just pressing those numbers had the power to catapult her life into a totally different direction. Miriam wasn’t sure if she was ready. She didn’t want to become like Dakota. She didn’t want to become addicted to material things or a fast life of too many sexual partners. But Miriam knew that she needed this to realize her dreams. Without this, there would be no degree. Everyone had some dark secrets, and Miriam was preparing for this one to be hers.


Miriam squeezed her eyes shut as she let her fingers guide the way over her key pad and she called the number.


“Good day, Silas Beaumanoir’s assistant speaking. Would you like to make an appointment?”


The voice sounded young, British and plagued by smoking too many cigarettes. His sharp voice stunned Miriam into silence. She wasn’t sure if she really had the courage to continue this.


“Hi, my name is Miriam Trent and I’m calling because er… Mr. Beaumanoir gave me his number on a website called –”


“Ah. Yes. That girl,” The man said, interrupting Miriam before she could finish her sentence.


“Well, I’m interested in a deal but I’m not sure how to proceed.”


The assistant snorted, “Hold on one moment Miriam…”


Every second on hold was fraught with tension. Miriam tapped on her desk with her finger. She organized her pens, she stroked the broad leaves of her aloe plant. The wait tempted Miriam to hang up.


Finally, the assistant returned.


“Right, so continue Ms. Trent,” The assistant replied flatly.


Miriam’s voice shook.


“I just thought I would reply to the message as I’m… interested in Mr. Beaumanoir’s order.”


The assistant began to probe Miriam, asking her a litany of questions about her personal life. He was feeling her out, assessing confidentiality and safety without outright asking the questions that were plaguing them both.


Will you tell? Will you shame my client? Is your client psychotic? Are you a gold digger?


The assistant warmed up to the idea of Miriam after a half-hour interview that felt like it lasted an eternity.  


“So Ms. Trent, Where can I pick you up tonight to meet with Mr. Beaumanoir? You can call and give me an address later. I have to head to a meeting with Mr. Beaumanoir any minute,” The assistant rushed.


He provided Miriam with a different number than the one she’d initially called and then hung up.


The rest of Miriam’s day was spent preparing herself for this meeting. She tried to get in touch with Dakota but her only insight into the world she was about to enter was nursing a terrible headache and unavailable. Miriam considered reaching out to one of her other friends, but she couldn’t think of a single other person she could trust with what she was about to do.


I need to do this. For my mother… For my brother… For myself. Miriam tried to talk herself up.


Once the sun set, Miriam called the new number that the assistant had given her.


“Give me the address and meet me in three hours,” The voice drilled.


Miriam struggled to hold her voice steady as she did what Dakota told her to. She gave the assistant the address to a public park. The assistant hung up without a further word. Miriam felt a creepy chill come over her. Was this really going to work, or was she being set up to take a big fall?


Miriam messaged Dakota updates and begged her to pull through. Miriam worried that Dakota was still passed out on pills but she also knew that Dakota had her back when she needed her.


Sure enough, Dakota called back within a few minutes.


“When was your last bikini wax?” she asked Miriam point-black.

“I’ve never had one,” Miriam muttered.




“Listen, you knew I was a virgin! I’ve never had any of that stuff done.”


Dakota snorted, “Make sure you talk like that with him. I’m sure that innocent game will turn him on.”




“Sorry, sorry. Calm down. I’ll come over to your place and then take you to the meetup point so I can get a good look at the guy.”


Dakota asked her a few more invasive questions about her sexual health and then hung up. Miriam was left with her thoughts again. What kind of man was she going to meet? He was handsome, but what if there was something wrong with him? Why else would he be looking for an “arrangement” like this…


Dakota had left Miriam with specific instructions as to what to wear. She dressed in a sensual bandage dress that hugged all her curves. Miriam’s thick legs and large breasts were especially highlighted by the outfit. She would have never worn a dress like this on a date. Somehow, she was obligated to take Dakota’s advice.


Miriam didn’t wear much makeup. She stared at her face as she debated whether she should wear red lipstick or not. A part of her was ashamed by her innocence now. How would she be believably “seductive”?


Her deep brown skin was glowing with fresh scented oils. Her hair was bundled up on the top of her head in a high bun. She fussed over the small imperfections on her face as she waited to hear Dakota’s car in her driveway.


Miriam didn’t plan on bringing much to this encounter.  When Dakota arrived, Miriam hid her nervousness and joined her in the living room of her house.


Dakota was thrilled to see her.


“You look amazing,” Dakota cooed, holding Miriam to let her spin around.


She ogled Miriam’s body and posture. Perfect.


“Let’s revise safety, and I’ll give you a few tips on what these men really want from a girl like you.”


“I’m not sure I can do this Dakota…”


Dakota held onto Miriam’s shoulders and said sternly, “Listen, you can back out now Miriam. But if you go through with just a few hours of discomfort, all your worries will be gone. Get out of that Puritanical headspace please. It will be fine. It will all be fine. It’s one night Miriam. That’s why I wanted you to do this. I don’t want you to go through months or years of what I’ve gone through. Trust me. Trust me…”


Miriam nodded.

“I trust you.”


Dakota hugged her friend and continued her pep talk.


Dakota prattled on about what Miriam shouldn’t do with her billionaire and about how she should conduct herself in case of an emergency. The time to leave the house drew closer.


Miriam got into the passenger seat of Dakota’s car and they played Jazmine Sullivan music until they got to the park.

Miriam looked to Dakota and muttered, “I’m scared.”


“Don’t be scared. Don’t worry, it will come naturally to you.”


Miriam kissed her friend on the cheek and walked out of the car. Dakota parked subtly along the street to keep an eye on the situation and ensure that nothing went awry.


A giant black suede Porsche pulled up to where she was standing. A man emerged.


“I’m Mr. Beaumanoir’s guard. From your pictures I’m guessing you’re Miriam Trent? I’m Corbin.” The man said.


“Hi Corbin. Yes, I’m Miriam.”


“Come with me. Don’t be alarmed. Your safety is my primary concern,” Corbin said, resting a hand on her shoulder.


Miriam followed him into the backseat of the town car. She never got a look at the driver.


“Have some water. Don’t be nervous, Ms. Trent,” Corbin said.


He handed her a tiny glass cup, the size of a Dixie cup, filled with water, and she drank the entire thing in one gulp. Miriam needed the refreshment. That would calm her down enough to ask where he was taking her.

The black backseat of the car warped into a fuzz. Miriam closed her eyes, and fell asleep within seconds.

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