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About Jamila Jasper Publishing

Jamila Jasper Publishing is a team of black female romance authors who are committed to diversifying the genre of romance. Like most genres of literature, romance shows a lack of strong, independent black female characters. It's even more rare in fiction to see attractive African American women portrayed alongside white male leads. The authors under Jamila Jasper Publishing have a variety of writing styles within the BWWM genre, but they're all dedicated to the same genre. Whether you like billionaire stories, pregnancy romance, romantic comedy stories or something else, you're sure to find a novel or short that you can enjoy by someone in this diverse group…


Meet The Team 

jamila jasper

Jamila Jasper

Jamila Jasper is a 28 year old African American romance author of mixed heritage who just moved from New York to the small town of Middlebury, Vermont with her fiancé. Taken by the beautiful landscape, she started to set most of her romance novels in the gorgeous New England countryside.

Jamila has always been passionate about love of all kinds and she's had a vision for her romance novels from the moment she got started. Her biggest goals are ensuring that there is more literature written by black women for black women and she's constantly searching for more people who share her passion for writing and her love of black women.

Jamila Jasper got her start writing short stories, but now focuses on writing romance novels with strong, independent black women who find themselves taken by white men. Jamila loves writing stories surrounding the theme of pregnancy. She hopes to have children of her own some day.

Her writing is a little bit sweet, but a little bit edgy — not afraid to write whole complex black women that reflect reality.

Orlena James

Orlena James

Orlena James is a thirty-five year old Grenadian author who currently lives in the Unites States. For her whole life, Orlena loved romantic comedies, but always lamented the lack of strong black female characters in these stories. Why did the women who looked like her always have to be the maid or the sidekick?

Orlena got her start writing short fan fiction about her favorite books, re-imagining characters to be black West Indian women like herself. Now, Orlena writes her own stories just as steamy as her earlier works of fan fiction, but a little more refined.

When Orlena isn't writing, you can find her taking Tango or other Latin American dance classes. Orlena and her husband have traveled throughout South America and the Caribbean enjoying the passion and warmth these countries have to offer.

Orlena also enjoys reading biographies about inspirational black women. Her favorites are those about Oprah, Maya Angelou and Beyonce.

Sugar Milan

Sugar Milan

Sugar Milan is an old friend of Jamila's from college who wanted to try her hand at romance writing. Her "day job" is working at an NGO in Washington, DC. Sugar has a passion for all things romance and trashy TV shows. She especially loves television shows with plot lines involving black women and white men. She's a Dr. Who and Star Wars fan too!

Sugar's debut novel European Billionaire's Baby was a labor of love and she was thrilled to have Jamila's help to get it published. She's more of an artist than a business woman. While she might not be publishing another novel for a while, she's proud to be a member of Jamila Jasper's romance publishing team until next time.

Raven Ferrari

Raven Ferrari

Raven Ferrari is a married, Afro-Caribbean mother of two from Peterborough, Ontario. She immigrated to Canada at a young age and began to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Raven is zany and creative and a refreshing voice in the BWWM genre. She isn't afraid to step outside the box and publish a book that defies all your expectations.

Raven's other hobbies include watching Toronto Maple Leaf's hockey games and yoga.

Now, Raven Ferrari publishes fiction for women like her… Her debut interracial romance novel is "Hershey's Kiss" — a BWWM billionaire romance novel. In Raven's novels, you can find all the elements you would expect from a romance with an additional splash of Raven's humor which she attributes to her Caribbean heritage.