Who Else Wants To Make Record Ebook Sales Next Month?

If you're a new independent ebook author, then it's entirely likely that you've found yourself lost, confused, or frustrated by poor results. Jamila Jasper Publishing offers a variety of services to help you get excited about making more money and spreading your message to more people. Our services include:

The E-cover Critique – $12.99

If you want more people to buy your books, then please burn the following principle into your memory: First impressions are e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The fastest, most reliable way to improve your book's first impression is to have an e-cover that looks credible, pleasing, and professional. Ideally, your book should stand out like a pink elephant against the grey masses. When you sign up for The E-cover Critique service, we'll review your e-cover and tell you exactly what's working, what's not, and what you can do to making a much better first impression right away, preferably without hiring a expensive graphic designer for a do-over…

The E-cover Branding Service – 99.99

Every bestselling author has a 'look and feel' to their books which is specially designed to help sell more books. On one level, good ebook branding gives your books an immediate attractiveness which makes people want to buy them. On another level, your distinct brand creates immediate familiarity in the marketplace, which helps you stand out from the competition. Our E-cover Branding is a 2-in-1 service. We will use our superior knowledge and experience to create a sleek ebook design for one of your titles. This design will also become a template for your entire brand, so you can easily modify it branded covers for your entire catalog, preferably without having to pay an expensive graphic designer on an ongoing basis. 

1-Hour Deep Dive Marketing Consultation – 149.99

This is a 1-hour, recordable Skype session where we thoroughly inspect your independent publishing business and provide you with an in-depth SWOT analysis. We will identify your strengths, and show you how to expand them, your weaknesses, and show you how to eliminate them, and, we'll reveal new ebook publishing insights and opportunities which you can use to increase your sales right away. Feel free to ask us ANYTHING which pertains to increasing your ebook sales. 

The 5000-word Romance Short Ghostwriting Service – $597

Are you too busy to write? You can hire one of our professional ghostwriters. For this low price, you can have your very own unique and rivetting romance short written, proofread, and formatted totally from scratch. Upon purchase, you will have full ownership rights to the short. Feel free to sell as many copies as your desire.

The Deluxe Romance Novel Ghostwriting Service – $4997

We will write a full length 35,000-word romance novel from scratch. Together, we will brainstorm an outline for the plot, then one of our professional ghostwriters will bring your big idea to life. This service includes proofreading, formatting, a product description, and keywords. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions about our ebook services: